Beyond the ‘Zon

Hello! I’ve made a decision, and have it almost fully implemented: I’m going wide with all my titles. Yes, from here on out I am no longer in the KU (kindle Unlimited) program, which required Amazon exclusivity. Now my books are available at Barnes & Noble, kobo, All Romance, and other major retailers. (I’ve updated my “books” page with buy links)

I’m not sure if this is a good choice or a bad one, I guess we never know that about any decision until it is too late, right? I’m just hoping this isn’t a mistake. But I suppose, if it is, it can be reversed.

I’m kind of sorry to be out of KU, only because I loved the idea of an amazon subscription service. As a reader, I think that kind of thing is fantastic. But as a writer, having to be exclusive with one retailer is tough. It means if I don’t get enough “reads” on the subscription, the program is not really worthwhile. I wonder about non-exclusive sites like 24 symbols and  scribd (which I have a few books on!) and how long they will last. It seems most of the subscription sites have been short lived, especially the ones that paid authors well.

If you’re a reader, and you prefer a retailer other than Amazon, here are my pages on Barnes & NoblekoboAll Romance e-Books

If you are an author, what are your thoughts on KU now? Is it still working for you? Or are you out, as well?

More Than Love

My m/m contemporary More Than Love is live!

I hope people like this story. It’s not very action packed or dramatic: it’s a quiet story of love. I know that is not as popular as other styles, but I hope maybe some people will enjoy it anyway.trustme_cover_v3

The two main characters are Dan and Ian. Dan is the point-of-view character the whole time, he’s a cop in his late 30’s who is longing for a relationship. Ian is a guy he dated in college and never forgot, and this is the story of their second chance at love.

If you are looking for a gentle love story with a happy ending, give it a try!

Thanks ❤

Valentine Sales

Hi! I’m taking part in a multi-author promo for Valentine’s day ❤ Lots of great LGBT Romances are discounted.

(apologies to those who subscribe to my newsletter and have already seen this)

My book, Waterwitch, is on sale for .99 through the 15th
This is a gay paranormal romance, with witch and fae characters.

Alina Popescu’s Edge of Hope is a m/f paranormal romance, book 1 in her Bad Blood series, and will be on sale for .99 February 13th-15th

If you want to pick up book 2 in Alina’s Bad Blood series, that is also on sale! Breaking of Bonds will be discounted to .99 February 13th-15th as well.

Chris McHart has a book on sale for .99, a gay m-preg called Saving Alex. It’s book two in a series, but book 1 is available free. 🙂

Ana J. Phoenix has a short available for free, and it sounds like a great valentine’s day read! Valentine’s Surprise

For something longer by Ana J. Phoenix, check out For Never and Always, on sale for .99 during Valentine’s week!

If you are into lesbian Romances, even a little, you’ll want to check out Renee Cronin’s Tastes like Cherry. On sale for FREE February 13th-15th

Gay sci-fi/futuristic fans will want to get Wendy Rathbone’s The Moonling Prince while it is discounted. It will be free on amazon February 13th-15th

I hope you find something you enjoy on this list. If you do, please consider writing a review. It is the nicest valentine’s gift an author can receive!
Have a great weekend ❤

Doing a freebie because I can

Just for fun, just to brighten up my winter and sprinkle a little freebie-spice on my sales chart, I’m running a few freebies this weekend!
I don’t think I’ve done any free promos since my book “Bound” went permanently free, and that was a while ago. So this weekend I put my m/m/m story “Uncharted Hearts” and my m/m/f menage collection “Wynn’s Charm Shop” on a free promotion.

Download them if you’re interested! They’ll both be free through the 31st (Sunday). And if you enjoy them, please consider leaving a review. Reviews help soooo much!

casual man acting as a fortune teller

kindle_cover_smHappy weekend 🙂

Water Witch is now available!

It’s out! My paranormal Romance “Water Witch” is now live on Amazon 🙂

possible ww


Today my male/male Paranormal Romance Water Witch is live on Amazon, and I am super excited!! (and a little nervous, too.)

This is a light paranormal, not at all dark or dramatic. It is heavy on the Romance, has hardly any angst, and a handful of sexy times. 😉

Water Witch is the story of Vincenzo, a young man with a very comfortable life. You know the type: a nice family, a cute house, natural good looks, and some pretty impressive talents or skills on top of all that. The kind of guy who never has to try too hard, never faces any major challenges… Maybe not the kind of character you’d choose as a “hero.” But I did choose him, and I gave him a few obstacles along the road to happiness.

If you are interested in male/male paranormal Romance, give it a try? And let me know what you think 🙂 I’d love to hear from you!

Also: if you are interested in some of the “inspiration” pictures, check out my pinterest page 🙂

free kinky romance!

My goodreads “Love’s Landscapes” story is live! You can download it here


It is a BDSM story, and let me tell you trying to find a kink I could write about was a long process, requiring a lot of “research” and resulting in some frightening discoveries. But eventually, I did it. And because I’m me, there is a super-sweet happy ever after ending as well.

I hope you enjoy it! Also, there are  LOT of other freebies up, and many more to come.  Click here to go to the Love’s Landscapes folder where you can read all the current free stories. You need to be a member of goodreads, and also of the m/m romance group. If you prefer not to do that, wait 5 days and go to the mm romance group’s website, where you will be able to download this (and all other DRitC titles) for free without joining anything 🙂

Love You Forever

New Release!

Today my new story – Love You Forever – is available on Amazon 🙂



I got the photo for this cover from the glorious Dan Skinner. All I really did was add text because it was just so gorgeous and perfect.  I am in love with it.

I am not a fan of “excerpts” or “snippets” because as a reader I never pay attention to them, and as a writer I feel like they make my stories sound ridiculous.  So instead of an excerpt from the story, I’ll tell you a little bit about it.

This is a story that begins on the day my two 18 year old MCs, Cole & Rick, come out to their parents. Then, a paranormal/supernatural force intervenes, and they are cursed to remain together, forever. They go on, happy, for several years. But as you might imagine, the curse begins to wear on them. They eventually are able to move on with their lives, and finally find a happy ending when they are in their 30s.

When I was writing it, I was thinking about things like: How do the expectations of those who love you, your friends and family, influence who you will be? What are you willing to give up for love? Which bond is stronger – friendship, or love? What would happen if we were all forced to honor the promises we’d made in adolescence? Does having a “perfect” life make you a “perfect” person?

Basically, it is a story about  love.

I hope you will read it! 🙂