free & flash fiction

Sometimes I participate in flash fiction blog hops, sometimes I post snippets, this is where I will collect them all ❤

Valentine’s Day flash 2014 this short stars my MCs from Love You Forever, sort of a mini-prequel, the story of Cole & Rick’s first kiss.

Freedom to Marry this is a 4th of July flash, featuring my MCs from Love Next Door.

My free story Bound is available through the goodreads mm romance group’s website. “Bound” is also available through AllRomance, in Love’s Landscapes Volume 3 and on amazon for free.

Valentine’s Day Flash 2015 This is a prequel to “Night Vision,” told from Theron’s pov.

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2 thoughts on “free & flash fiction

  1. I’m so upset I’m missed ur two free books by a day an I really like ur books if u. Can see in to ur heart to send them to me I would really love that if not thats ok Im just really heart broken when I saw that I was late

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