Update on where to buy my books

Most people in the Romance community at this point have heard the sad news that All Romance E-books, a distributor of Romance and erotica, is closing. I have deactivated my books there, as they are not paying authors anymore. 😦

It got me thinking about what to do… Should I go back to being Amazon exclusive? It seems like KU is killing the competition, and maybe there is more money to be made by re-entering that program. But then, so many readers do not want to shop at Amazon, or can’t (for multiple reasons) so being tied down to just one vendor is maybe not the smartest.

For now, I’ve decided to stay “wide.” What that means is my books will continue to be available at Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Amazon, and Scribd.

Also, I have started a PayHip page for digital downloads of my books. Find it here: https://payhip.com/ameliabishop (I am working on a PayHip page for AC Bishop, too.)

A while back I had created a square store for selling signed paperbacks. So if that is something you are interested in, you can find those here. (US shipping only)

Is there a place you like to buy (or sell) your Romance fiction? I’d love to know!

Beyond the ‘Zon

Hello! I’ve made a decision, and have it almost fully implemented: I’m going wide with all my titles. Yes, from here on out I am no longer in the KU (kindle Unlimited) program, which required Amazon exclusivity. Now my books are available at Barnes & Noble, kobo, All Romance, and other major retailers. (I’ve updated my “books” page with buy links)

I’m not sure if this is a good choice or a bad one, I guess we never know that about any decision until it is too late, right? I’m just hoping this isn’t a mistake. But I suppose, if it is, it can be reversed.

I’m kind of sorry to be out of KU, only because I loved the idea of an amazon subscription service. As a reader, I think that kind of thing is fantastic. But as a writer, having to be exclusive with one retailer is tough. It means if I don’t get enough “reads” on the subscription, the program is not really worthwhile. I wonder about non-exclusive sites like 24 symbols and  scribd (which I have a few books on!) and how long they will last. It seems most of the subscription sites have been short lived, especially the ones that paid authors well.

If you’re a reader, and you prefer a retailer other than Amazon, here are my pages on Barnes & NoblekoboAll Romance e-Books

If you are an author, what are your thoughts on KU now? Is it still working for you? Or are you out, as well?

Cover reveal!

Hi! I have a cover for my upcoming release More Than Love!!trustme_cover_v3

It’s a little different from my usual kissing/embracing covers. I hope it represents the story and draws people in, anyway. Here’s the blurb:

Dan watched the people in his life settle down, get married, and have kids, while he cycled through a seemingly endless string of break-ups and disappointing relationship fails. So when Ian, the college boyfriend Dan never quite forgot, comes back to town and wants to get together, Dan jumps at a second chance with the one who got away. And despite his track record he holds out hope that he and Ian might make it work this time.

While Ian is still just as sweet and sexy as he ever was back in college, he’s also harder, slicker, and more secretive than Dan remembers. As a cop, Dan’s suspicions are roused by Ian’s behavior. As a man, he wants nothing more than to ignore those worries and fall headfirst into their new relationship. If Ian is a criminal, turning him in will break Dan’s heart. But ignoring Ian’s crimes could ruin Dan’s career.

Sometimes, what destroys us are not the things we fear, but our fears themselves.

Release date: March 25!!

If you’re interested in winning a copy before you can buy one, enter my goodreads giveaway! If you win, you’ll get a spiffy paperback signed by me 🙂

omg I’m done

With my story! I finished my draft, revised it, and have it out to the last batch of betas now. But I’m pretty confident no major changes are needed. (I hope.)

This one took me soooooo long to finish! I started writing this story, which I’d titled “trust me” as a working title, way back in September of 2014. I put it aside last year while I wrote Uncharted Hearts, and finally picked it up again for NaNoWriMo 2015.

Originally I had hoped it would be a sort of thriller/cop story. But I’ve learned a thing or two since 2014. Most importantly, I’ve learned that I write Romance. Just Romance. Not thrillers with a romantic sub-plot. Not sweeping epics with some romance sprinkled in for flavor. Just Romance. And I’m okay with that, now. Romance is enough.

Once I let go of my need to make this story anything “more,” I was able to move forward. I’m happiest and most productive writing character focused Romance, and that is what this story is.

The MC is a cop, but I’m not marketing it as a cop story because it is not a high-drama, action packed thing. The couple is interracial, but I’m not focusing on that either, as race is a non-issue in this story. It is simply a relationship story, a tale of two men falling in love. I’m calling it “More Than Love” (thanks Sarah for the title help! ❤ ) and I’m setting a release date of March 25. The cover is done, the blurb is written, and it’s going to the editor next week. Now…it’s wine time!


Also FYI today is “national drink wine day” so you should prob have wine time, too!

writing goals

Maybe this post is a bit late. Most people do this sort of thing right off the bat in January, right? Oh well. I did do a “resolutions” post near new year’s day, so let’s count that. And now, only a few weeks after the turn of the year, here are my writing goals and current projects for 2016:

Finish “Trust Me.” Finally. God I’ve been writing this story for years! I keep putting it down and working on other things. I’m afraid to disappoint readers with it, is what’s going on. See, it is sort-of a cop/criminal story, but it’s not really. So I am imagining all the reviews where people lament the lack of action and call it boring. And then I go back and forth with myself: Just add in more action! But I hate books like that. Ugh. I know, but most readers love that stuff. Do it for the readers! Do I really want readers who crave things I don’t like to write? Shouldn’t I just write what I enjoy and be grateful for the readers who love that, too? But the mortgage! The kids need braces! Be serious, girl…. And thus, the book has remained unwritten. But I have a deadline of Jan 30 for the draft and I WILL stick to that! Trust me. (get it? lol)

Finish revising “Secret Cravings.” This is the last in my erotic shorts series “Moon-Brier” (under my AC Bishop name) and I have stalled on revising it. I’d like to get it re-published sometime early February, and then release a bundle of all three stories shortly thereafter.

Begin drafting “The Six,” an erotic series I’ve been loosely planning for many months. At first I thought it would be m/f, but now I’m thinking I can make it a variety. Maybe if every book functions as a standalone, some books could be m/f and others m/m (and maybe I can even work a menage book in there! my favorite!) anyway that is my plan as of now. Plotting and story might change things, though. I would happily do the whole series m/m but I think maybe that is unrealistic, to have an entire group of friends where every one is gay or bi? I’ll have to think some more about this.

Write 2+ flash pieces for blog. I really enjoy writing flash fiction, and participating in flash fic blog hops is a great thing for me. It keeps me motivated and gives me good content for this sad old blog. So I’m going to keep my eyes open for flash hops and try to jump in on a few.

That is it! Seems like a lot less than other people do, doesn’t it? Well, I guess if I get it all done I can always add more 🙂 How about you? Any writing or reading goals? I’d love to hear from you in the comments ❤


m/m/f erotic-romance

I have a new release! Sort of. Today I published the three book “collection” of my Wynn’s Charm Shop series. So it isn’t a “new” new release, but it is a new title and it will save you some money over buying the books individually. (I’ve priced this at $3.99, it is a collection of three novellas and total length is about 150 pages)

This is m/m/f menage, with a lot of m/m as well. It’s an erotic urban fantasy, very light and fun and sexy. Good Halloween reading!

Follow Wynn the witch (and his boyfriend Acer, a wolf-pixie) as he deals with the otherworldly customers his charm shop attracts.

Book one: Rowena the vampire needs Wynn’s help to convince her boyfriend that a polyamorous relationship is the best kind of relationship for a vampire.
Book two: Sal the fire-fae seeks Wynn’s assistance in dissolving a contract he’s been tricked into by two romantically minded witches.
Book three: Wynn brews an anti-succubus potion for a customer, and the customer’s succubus girlfriend then comes after Wynn for revenge.

All books contain explicit scenes of all pairing types, and a smattering of very mild kink.

Night Vision release day!


Theron Antonopolis, a strige, feeds on human emotion. In a tranquil suburban neighborhood, his best meals come from a quiet systems administrator who’s become more than a source of nourishment for Theron—Alex Rowler is an obsession. Theron can no longer remain in the shadows. When they meet, any attraction Alex feels toward the sexy monster is overshadowed by his anxiety and distrust of Theron’s supernatural powers. But sensing the underlying arousal, Theron begins courting his human.

As months pass, Theron falls deeply in love, and the need to complete the strige bonding ceremony with his human lover becomes overwhelming. But a permanent commitment is too much, too soon for Alex, and he delays the joining, despite Theron’s insistence they are running out of time. As an unbonded pair, however, Theron and Alex draw the attention of the Midnight Parliament, and the lovers are brought to trial to determine their fate.

Buy Night Vision!  Amazon • Dreamspinner • AllRomance

And come visit me on the Dreamspinner Blog today, where I’ll be hosting my “release party” from noon-midnight EST 🙂