Finding the time to write

Insecure Writers Support Group BadgeHello! Welcome to yet another Insecure Writer’s Support Group post 🙂 Today’s topic is “How do you find the time to write in your busy day?” Visit the Main Page and hop around to all the other great posts on this topic! And if you are an insecure writer yourself, join the hop! It’s fun and very supportive.

I have to admit to not writing much lately. Part of it has been due to busy days. Summer vacation for my kids means no real breaks for me. Not that I’m complaining, really. I spent my summer camping, going to the beach, and doing all kinds of fun stuff with my two favorite people in the world: my babies ❤

But another reason for my not finding time to write has just been lack of drive to do so. I’ve found myself wondering why I even do it. Why create things not many people are interested in reading? No matter how much I love my work, and no matter how much I try to “write for myself,” I have to admit it often feels pointless.

My most “successful” story so far is Bound, a m/m Romance about a man in a wheelchair and his return to mild BDSM. It’s a free story, which is why I put the quotes around successful. I still consider it a success, because people have enjoyed it and I’m proud of it, but it’s not a money maker. It wasn’t written to be a money maker, though, it was written as part of a free anthology. So there is no disappointment in its lack of earnings, only pride in its popularity. If I could re-create that feeling with my other books—that distance from the “commercial” market—then maybe I could regain some of the joy in writing. If anyone knows the trick to this, please, please tell me! In the meantime, I’m fighting the worry that what I write is not marketable (because it usually isn’t) and that has been a real hindrance to my desire to make time for writing.

I’m hoping to start a new job soon, though, only part time but I hope it might give some structure to my days and maybe that will get me writing again. The kids are back in school 😦 and the summer is nearly over, so the beach is less of a distraction, too. I’m confident I can make some time for writing again.

What about you? Have you managed to make a writing schedule? Or do you write in small bits, whenever you can spare a moment? Do you struggle to find time to write, or do you make it a priority? I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below (click on the title of this post if you’re on my main page & comments are not visible) and tell me about your writing.

13 thoughts on “Finding the time to write

  1. I’m currently working part time. I’ve found that a little bit of structure does help. For me, if I can just get a half hour in on the days that I have to work, I feel like I have a good head start for the days that I don’t work.

    • That’s good to hear! Hopefully, the structure helps me too. That’s a good point that even a small bit of writing moves you along and continues to motivate you.
      Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  2. I sincerely hope you find your drive again and your purpose for writing is re-energized.
    I have begun using an excel worksheet to set up my writing schedule and it works.
    Wishing you all the best.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat Garcia

  3. My family knows that I need to write a certain number of words a day, and I have a scheduled hour per day to do it, Monday through Friday. I don’t write on weekends unless there’s a deadline, or there’s down time where I’m by myself; weekends are for the family. I find that helps keep me on track.

    I have to add that having contracts and deadlines from a publisher also puts a fire under my butt. 🙂

    • That sounds like a good system!
      I agree, publishers contracts are a great motivator 😊 not only because of the professional commitment, but also just the knowledge that someone wants your product.
      Hope your writing is going well, JT!

  4. I think there’s some magic in the sincerity of your writing, that you haven’t been writing just for the money, but because you love the stories. I know that with my writing I’m eager (maybe even desperate) to have people love it. I don’t know the secret to making that go away. But there are people out there who do love your writing (raises hand!) and hopefully on a good day that could at least help motivate you.

    • Thanks ❤
      I think I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that I’m just not cut out for commercial fiction. If by chance something I write is popular, that is great, but the thought of “writing to market” is killing my desire to write. Oh, how I wish it wasn’t so! I guess I will just have to keep writing as a passion/hobby/part time thing 😢
      Which is still better than not writing. And I have lovely writer friends and readers to make me feel better.
      Thank you ❤

      • I doubt my writing is ever going to be all that marketable either…I know there are things I could write that more people would like, but it’s not what I’m passionate about. Oh well. We do it for the love of it.

  5. I think readers can tell whether you’re passionate about your story or not – and if you have that passion, they’ll pick up on it and be more enthusiastic. With my latest novel, I threw all my worries about whether other people would like it or not, or whether or not it was commercial, out of the window, and just wrote what I wanted. I’m so much happier writing it now.

    Best of luck with your writing, I hope you get your energy back soon!

    Rachel x
    September IWSG co-host

    • Thank you!
      I agree, passion and heart comes through. If nothing else, it helps tremendously with marketing to have a product you believe in. Good points, and thank you for the encouragement! 🙂

  6. Write what makes you HAPPY. If you have an inspiring thought and you can feed it, build on it. Trying to write for an “audience” or a “market” is a bad idea. With the advent of indie publishing, there are no really clearly defined genres anymore. They’ve become Balkanized and you can write whatever you want, as long as YOU are satisfied with it. I think you’ll find that if you do that, you’ll find your “voice”, and be able to “sell” whatever kind of kooky idea you’re writing about and you’ll draw readers in naturally. It works for me. Best of luck! Just DON’T give up on yourself!

    • Thank you, I will try not to give up! I think it is just discouraging to have release after release with no real success. Although I know I should be grateful for the audience I have. It’s not a large audience, but it is a supportive one, and I should focus on that!
      Thanks for stopping by, and for the comment ❤

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