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It’s April 5. Camp NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) started on the 1st. I don’t think it will come as any surprise that I have already fallen off pace. My track record with NaNo is pretty dismal. I have a whiny post all ready to go about that, which I’ll probably post in the morning, but…

Okay I’ll admit right now I’ve had a glass of wine. My kids are in bed and I’m scrolling through my blog feed (avoiding working on the iwsg post lol) and I have to say I’m kind of freaking out a little. Does it seem to anyone else that things are getting more hostile? In the world in general, I mean, and especially the US I guess? Like very divisive. Tensions are high, even in online communities arguments are blowing up too fast. And what is with all these laws about “religious freedom”? I can’t even believe half the things I’m seeing! Am I the only one who is alarmed here? How about how Trump is seriously in contention still. AND the rest of them. What the actual fuck, is all I can say.

Okay I know talking about politics is not advised for Authors and I shouldn’t be saying anything. I’m supposed to be neutral, better for sales. But honestly? I write gay and bisexual Romance. If you’re going to be backing a candidate who would reverse marriage equality if given the chance, or who would have signed or voted for any of these recent anti-LGBT legislations, I really don’t care about losing you as a reader. No offense.

Then again, maybe this isn’t about any one candidate or belief, but more about a general swelling of an “us vs. them” mentality. If the nightly news was the prologue to a dystopian novel I’d be expecting world war three to unfold any minute now. Things are getting freaky out there! I feel like even just six months ago things were a little less heated. I mean, am I imagining it? Or has anyone else noticed this, too? I’d LOVE someone to talk me down lol

*sorry if this is too political for the iwsg hop, but it IS an insecurity, technically*

2 thoughts on “insecure writer’s support post

  1. No you are right. I raise doodles for wounded warriors and children with special needs. People have become more jaded even in the last six months. It’s to bad you have to watch what you say . When so many people don’t .

    • Thank you! Well I’m glad it’s not just me… I hope things smooth out soon, because it’s horrible watching so many arguments and conflicts.

      Good luck in your work ❤️

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