omg I’m done

With my story! I finished my draft, revised it, and have it out to the last batch of betas now. But I’m pretty confident no major changes are needed. (I hope.)

This one took me soooooo long to finish! I started writing this story, which I’d titled “trust me” as a working title, way back in September of 2014. I put it aside last year while I wrote Uncharted Hearts, and finally picked it up again for NaNoWriMo 2015.

Originally I had hoped it would be a sort of thriller/cop story. But I’ve learned a thing or two since 2014. Most importantly, I’ve learned that I write Romance. Just Romance. Not thrillers with a romantic sub-plot. Not sweeping epics with some romance sprinkled in for flavor. Just Romance. And I’m okay with that, now. Romance is enough.

Once I let go of my need to make this story anything “more,” I was able to move forward. I’m happiest and most productive writing character focused Romance, and that is what this story is.

The MC is a cop, but I’m not marketing it as a cop story because it is not a high-drama, action packed thing. The couple is interracial, but I’m not focusing on that either, as race is a non-issue in this story. It is simply a relationship story, a tale of two men falling in love. I’m calling it “More Than Love” (thanks Sarah for the title help! ❤ ) and I’m setting a release date of March 25. The cover is done, the blurb is written, and it’s going to the editor next week. Now…it’s wine time!


Also FYI today is “national drink wine day” so you should prob have wine time, too!

8 thoughts on “omg I’m done

  1. Congratulations! Also, I’m unreasonably excited I got to help pick the title. 😀
    Also, it’s totally fine to write “just” a Romance! I prefer the tension to come from the relationship and/or the characters rather than an outside force.

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