Valentine Sales

Hi! I’m taking part in a multi-author promo for Valentine’s day ❤ Lots of great LGBT Romances are discounted.

(apologies to those who subscribe to my newsletter and have already seen this)

My book, Waterwitch, is on sale for .99 through the 15th
This is a gay paranormal romance, with witch and fae characters.

Alina Popescu’s Edge of Hope is a m/f paranormal romance, book 1 in her Bad Blood series, and will be on sale for .99 February 13th-15th

If you want to pick up book 2 in Alina’s Bad Blood series, that is also on sale! Breaking of Bonds will be discounted to .99 February 13th-15th as well.

Chris McHart has a book on sale for .99, a gay m-preg called Saving Alex. It’s book two in a series, but book 1 is available free. 🙂

Ana J. Phoenix has a short available for free, and it sounds like a great valentine’s day read! Valentine’s Surprise

For something longer by Ana J. Phoenix, check out For Never and Always, on sale for .99 during Valentine’s week!

If you are into lesbian Romances, even a little, you’ll want to check out Renee Cronin’s Tastes like Cherry. On sale for FREE February 13th-15th

Gay sci-fi/futuristic fans will want to get Wendy Rathbone’s The Moonling Prince while it is discounted. It will be free on amazon February 13th-15th

I hope you find something you enjoy on this list. If you do, please consider writing a review. It is the nicest valentine’s gift an author can receive!
Have a great weekend ❤

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