Survey results

Ok, as promised, here are the results of last week’s survey. (If you still want to take the survey, it’s here)


So the first questions were about basic preferences. I learned most readers like some explicit sex in their reads, which is great because I like to write that! lol And also that series are only slightly more popular than standalones. This was surprising to me! 20160127114722

This was also a little surprising, I thought contemporary would be more popular! It only beat out paranormal by a few points.2016012711493220160128120017

And literally no one in my readership is into f/f. Which makes me kind of sad, because I like f/f 😦 Oh well.

Other results:

Most people (60% of respondents) would give up on a series if it had repetitive plots. The next greatest sin for a series-writer would be a high cost per book. Other issues of note are “too long between books” and “too many books in series.”

Most important feature of a series? Having the entire series available in a lower priced “bundle.” (I like that, too!)

I had just under 100 responses, and of course keep in mind these are people who visited my blog or subscribed to my newsletter, so they are mostly all fans of m/m Romance. But still, I think the results are interesting.

Thank you to all who took this survey! You helped a very indecisive person take a step forward. I was so nervous to stay with a mostly m/m series. But now I think it will be okay, and I will keep it all m/m or m/m/f, which is what I’m happiest and most comfortable writing. I was glad to find out that about 15% of respondents did not like rotating gender pairings in a series (m/f in book 1-2, then m/m in book 3, etc.) so I feel comfortable keeping it mostly m/m, and sticking lots of m/m in the menage stuff, too.

I’m excited about starting this new series, which is a good feeling. If you’re on Pinterest, check out my series inspiration board, and follow it if you want. ❤

4 thoughts on “Survey results

    • Well also remember this is a poll of my readers, so mostly erotic-romance readers, hence the sex preference 🙂
      I was also pleasantly surprised at the “all gender pairings” answer!

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