Happy Winter!

Even though where I am it feels strangely spring-like outside. But I’m not complaining!! It’s way nicer to travel, run errands, and walk the dog when it is 50 degrees. Not to mention the fantastically low gas bill!  But I’m used to cold and at least the possibility of snow this time of year.

I’m trying to get into the Christmas mood with baking. Lots of cookies coming out of my oven today! And I just did one last baste on my fruitcakes and packaged them up, all ready to give to those few souls who share my love of fruitcake.

A few years ago I posted a little bit about my feelings for fruitcakes. Click here to read that post if you want. Meanwhile, I’m going back to the kitchen: gingerbread is next 🙂

Happy holidays, and a joyful winter to you! ❤️

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