m/m/f erotic-romance

I have a new release! Sort of. Today I published the three book “collection” of my Wynn’s Charm Shop series. So it isn’t a “new” new release, but it is a new title and it will save you some money over buying the books individually. (I’ve priced this at $3.99, it is a collection of three novellas and total length is about 150 pages)

This is m/m/f menage, with a lot of m/m as well. It’s an erotic urban fantasy, very light and fun and sexy. Good Halloween reading!

Follow Wynn the witch (and his boyfriend Acer, a wolf-pixie) as he deals with the otherworldly customers his charm shop attracts.

Book one: Rowena the vampire needs Wynn’s help to convince her boyfriend that a polyamorous relationship is the best kind of relationship for a vampire.
Book two: Sal the fire-fae seeks Wynn’s assistance in dissolving a contract he’s been tricked into by two romantically minded witches.
Book three: Wynn brews an anti-succubus potion for a customer, and the customer’s succubus girlfriend then comes after Wynn for revenge.

All books contain explicit scenes of all pairing types, and a smattering of very mild kink.

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