how does it feel to be a failure? (an IWSG post)

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So, how does it feel to be a failure?

Strangely…not that bad.

I’m not really counting myself a failure. I mean, okay yes in the technical sense I am an EPIC failure. I have written many books –  and published them and promoted them and paid for editing and covers and blog tours – and yet I am not a very high-selling or popular author. Most of my books have at least paid for themselves, many have turned a very good profit, but a few have been total failures.

But here is what I have learned: It’s okay.

“Failing” actually has some decent benefits.

  • It has forced me to decide why I am doing this, and if I really want to continue.
  • I’ve learned a lot about what works, and what totally doesn’t.
  • I’ve also learned who I can depend on, and who isn’t worth my time.
  • I’m no longer afraid of failing.

The last one is probably the most important. I definitely don’t WANT to fail ever again, but I’m positive that I can survive it if it happens. And I know that even if a book does very poorly, or I get a bad review, or I lose all my writing friends, I will still write, and publish, and try my very best. confidence_quote copy

So I am an insecure writer, in a lot of ways. But failing is not a part of that. All my published books (successes AND failures) have improved my writer confidence by giving me more knowledge, more experience, and a clearer view of the market and my place in it.

How have you dealt with failure? Has it ever happened to you? What do you consider a failure, and what would it take for you to think of yourself as a successful writer?

7 thoughts on “how does it feel to be a failure? (an IWSG post)

  1. Everyone defines failure differently. To me you are definitely not a failure. Granted, your sales might not be high, but you are a writer and author who has written and published many books. That is fantastic. Most writers will never accomplish that. To me, you are pretty awesome.

    • Aw, thank you!
      I do feel pretty lucky, and I am so grateful to have a group of readers (however small!) that love my work. And publishing all those books was a lot of work! You are right that I should count that as a success!
      Thanks for the reminder 🙂
      Hope you are having a great day!

  2. Perhaps we all constantly court failure when we map out plans and dreams for our writing. Your point that we need to learn from what doesn’t work takes the sting out of rejection. I can’t imagine NOT writing! So, regardless of the genre, take joy in each accomplishment. Now I’m jumping over to Amazon to check out your books! Have a great month.

    • Thanks!
      That’s a good point, that when we make plans and form expectations, we are kind of destined to “fail,” since there is little chance our reality will ever precisely match our expectations. I guess the trick in life is to face everything with positivity and treat it all as a learning experience 🙂
      Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting!!

  3. of one thing i am sure, you are not a failure! I have thoroughly enjoyed your books. If i have failed to let you know this fact, please forgive me. Yes, do keep up the good work even though it might be hard for you and i will try to be a better reader.

    • Thank you ❤️
      You are an awesome reader!! I hope this post didn’t sound ungrateful to you and my other readers! I just need to get better about marketing, and writing the kinds of things more people want to read.
      I am so incredibly thankful to have your support and kind words to encourage me 🙂

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