Meet the characters from Uncharted Hearts: Jorge

Last but definitely not least on this character parade is Jorge. Far from being a “third wheel” he functions like the glue that holds this threesome together. Most of my beta readers named him as their favorite, which I do understand as he is the closest to a typical “alpha” male hero in this book.character flash jorgeJorge is the son of a slave, and was born on a ship. He was raised by pirates after his mother died, and spent his entire life on the sea. As a result of his upbringing among rough criminals, he learned to read a crowd very well, and is an excellent judge of character. The man who raised him also taught him many valuable skills, in the hopes that Jorge would be an asset to him and possibly an heir. So Jorge can read and write, and he can play the role of either a manservant or a free man with ease.

I envisioned him as rather large, and I think that especially for the time period a well-muscled man would be imposing and have a pretty dramatic effect on people. In my mind, I was picturing the soccer (sorry: “football”) player Heriter Lumumba.

(more pictures on my pinterest page!)jorge2 jorge1

Jorge’s role on the ship is essentially the order-keeper, the disciplinarian. But I also gave him a soft side and a heart of gold. He loves Clayton and Peter, and values them as family: the only real family he’s ever had. He will do almost anything to keep them.

Of all the MCs, Jorge has the least to lose. He is strong, capable, intelligent, and experienced. Despite the threat of enslavement, he has more options than many free men of the era. Yet he desires only a quiet, safe, home with Peter and Clayton. It’s a nice combination, and he was a great character to write. He is gentle without ever being weak, and he is tough without ever becoming a jerk.

I hope you like reading about Jorge in Uncharted Hearts as much as I enjoyed writing him! 🙂

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