Meet the characters from Uncharted Hearts: Peter

In the earliest drafts of this book, Peter was universally disliked by readers. he’s a little bit… complex. But I think I finally managed to make his goodness shine through.character flash peter

Peter is the captain of The Irish Lady, and Clayton’s first love interest in the book. He’s charismatic and charming, and also a bit devious. A merchant by trade, Peter makes most of his money cheating at cards and stealing goods. though he’s not much more than a simple criminal, Peter likes to think of himself as a pirate.

My physical inspiration for Peter was Juan Betancourt, a very sexy model. I love his hair, and the shape of his face. I don’t usually put tons of physical detail into my descriptions of characters, unless it’s really important to the story, because I like readers to build their own ideals in their minds as they read. But Juan was who I was picturing as I wrote Peter.peter2

Find more pictures on my pinterest page, if you are interested.

Peter is an interesting character, because in many ways his actions drive the plot. He was basically abandoned as a child, and sent to serve on a ship. This sounds horrible, but apparently it wasn’t all that uncommon. His life was hard and dangerous, but he had Jorge by his side which did help.

Peter is very good at having fun and living in the moment. As he grows more and more attached to Clayton and Jorge, he begins to get more and more nervous about losing them. He’s not a planner, and he cannot see a way out of the trouble he is in, not without risking Clayton and Jorge, and that is something he is unwilling to do. At the same time Peter doesn’t believe he really deserves happiness, and he sabotages himself pretty neatly.

Peter’s dilemma is one I thought a lot about. You know when a character makes what is meant to be a “selfless” decision (usually some kind of self-sacrifice) but it really seems very selfish instead? Like, on the surface it seems to be noble, but underneath it is all about making themselves into a hero, or sparing themselves pain. That is kind of what happens with Peter.

With Peter’s character I was trying to explore questions like: what is strength? What is sacrifice?  How does love make you vulnerable?

I hope that those things come through, and that Peter is a fun and engaging character to read.

Tell me what you think!

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