spring flowers and fun

Nothing very important to say today. I’ve been doing much better on my latest project: almost done with the draft!! I’m very happy about that, as this has been a tough one for me. If everything goes well, it should be published in late August.

In other good news, spring has sprung! Lots of flowers in my yard, and lots of promising buds on my fruit trees/bushes, as well. I think I might get my first apples this year! Something is nibbling the apple tree leaves, but the flowers gave way to swollen baby-fruits. Very exciting. And my grapevine has a lot of teeny-tiny grape clusters, too!

It was a really long snowy winter, and even though I love snow, I was happy to see my yard perk up. I took some pictures this week:

Bearded Iris
Bearded Iris
A tiny rose! This is a climber called
A tiny rose! This is a climber called “Robin Hood Hedge Rose” that makes super teensy roses
“Snow in Summer”
A Dwarf Lilac I got from a plant swap a few years ago.
Blueberry flowers… you know what that means!

I also spent an afternoon sitting outside, crocheting a pair of slippers for my daughter. It’s so funny. When I was little, my grandmother used to make me wear socks to bed. “So you won’t get sick,” she’d say, and I always pulled them off under the covers and put them on again in the morning so she wouldn’t get mad. My feet were too hot for socks! But my kid wears socks to bed every night, all on her own. Makes you think about how behaviors are passed along through the generations. Anyway, she loves the slipper socks I made.

IMG_2962 IMG_2964

I used this pattern, but I altered the toe seam and added a cuff. I worked it all in half double crochet, using a wool blend worsted weight yarn. It’s a really easy pattern, and great for making gifts. It works up nicely in a chunky chenille, too.

I hope everyone is having a good spring! ❤

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