A non-whiny IWSG post!

InsecureWritersSupportGroupFor once!

I feel like I am always complaining and whining on Insecure Writer’s Support Group day. Well, not this week! I was a little bit intoxicated the other day, and I was thinking (potentially a bad combo, but it worked out okay this time) and I realized how lucky I am to live in this time and place.

I’ll explain. I’ve always wanted to write, and to create art. But as a kid, my parents did not support that at all. They had my best interests in mind, I know. They were afraid I’d spend my life struggling, never make enough money to support myself, and face years of frustration. I get it. And they were right, in a way. So I changed my major from “Fine Arts” to “Art Education” and I tried to be practical.

Now, at 40 years old and a failure at every “practical” thing I’ve ever tried to do, I find myself doing exactly the opposite of what they wanted for me: eeking out a living selling my writing and art.

But twenty years ago, this would have been way harder. Not only was self publishing not an option back then, my genre didn’t even really exist. And without money, connections, or a ton of free time, I probably wouldn’t have made it very far. But today? A nobody like me can break right in to writing and find an audience.

More than that, I have a network of people who support me and care about my work. Other writers, who I can chat with or ask questions of or whine to. How would I have found that, pre-internet? I might have, but it would have been tough.

So this IWSG, I am grateful for what I have. I am insecure, but I am not alone. ❤

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