Author Interview: Amelia Bishop

I was interviewed by the lovely Sarah Kay Moll today!
Thanks, Sarah ❤

Sarah Kay Moll

Amelia BishopWelcome to the second in a series of author interviews. Today romance author Amelia Bishop shares some insights about character development, her experiences with traditional and self-publishing, and gives us a glimpse into her recent novel Night Vision

Sarah: So many of your stories have a touch of the supernatural, whether it’s witchcraft or a mythological curse. Is there a reason you’re drawn to add an element of magic to your work?

Amelia: I think it just comes down to fun. Fantasy and Paranormal are my favorite genres to read, largely because I can totally fall into another world when reading them, and I love that. It’s enjoyable to write for the same reasons. When you allow the supernatural to roam free, you create a world with no limits and few rules. Anything can happen. It’s great fun.

It also allows us to explore themes that might be messy…

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