PW Blog Hop: Character Spotlight

pocketwatchHi! We of the Pocket Watch Writer’s Group had so much fun with our last blog hop, we decided to do it again 🙂

So here is another character interview from me, as my contribution. This time, I’m interviewing Vinny and Salil from my Paranormal Romance Water Witch (which incidentally is going to be on sale for .99 from April 8 to April 15)

Vinny is a water witch, and Salil is a water fae. Here are some of the inspiration pictures I used while writing (more on my pinterest board!):

This is model Dylan Fosket, who was my inspiration for Salil.  Salil is very pale, and kind of effeminate, and very charming.
This is model Dylan Fosket, who was my physical inspiration for Salil.
Salil is very pale, and kind of effeminate, and extremely charming and sexy.
Model Francisco Lachowski is who I used as visual reference for Vincenzo as I wrote him. Vinny is sweet and fun, and a tad bit irresponsible.
Model Francisco Lachowski is who I used as visual reference for Vincenzo as I wrote him. Vinny is sweet and fun, and a tad bit irresponsible.

What are the challenges of being in a Witch/Fae relationship?

Vinny: Actually, not many. Salil has joined my coven, and he pretty much blends right in. Celebrates our holidays and everything. It’s awesome.

Salil: *nodding* Our skills are compatible, and I enjoy the coven very much. I feel…welcomed, as if I have suddenly gained a family.

Vinny: Aw, that’s nice.

So then, what is your favorite holiday?

Vinny: I think recently I’m enjoying Beltane most. We’ve spent a lot of time rebuilding my gardens, and it’s so alive there now in the late spring. It’s a perfect place to celebrate.

Salil: *chuckling* Vincenzo does love the garden. He really comes alive there.

Vinny: *shaking head, smiling* Yes, well, Beltane is a celebration of flowers, fertility, and sensual delight. Being two males, we can’t perfectly enact the ritual mating of the Lord and Lady, but we do our best.

Salil: The garden is quite fertile, I think we do well.

Vinny: *laughing* We definitely honor the Young Horned God.

Okay… Speaking of your union, any plans to add to your family?

Salil: I don’t think so. We’ve talked about it, and I know Vincenzo’s mother would love it, but we are happy being together just the two of us, for now.

Vinny: Very happy. But he knows more than he’s saying about this.

Salil: I do. But my answer is still appropriate.

Vinny: This is the kind of cryptic stuff I deal with all the time.

Salil: But you know more than you’ve said about it, too.

Vinny: True.

What was your first impression of your partner? Was it accurate? In what ways has your partner changed?

Vinny: *laughs*

Salil: He has a long answer, I’m sure. I will go first. My first impression was too long ago for me to remember exactly, but I have always felt love for him. I thought he would be funny and kind, and he is. When I first met him in person, I was surprised at how little he used his witchcraft. Now, he takes his skill much more seriously, and he’s become an incredibly powerful witch.

Vinny: Well. That was nice. Thank you, Fae. *coughs*  My first impressions of Salil were not good. I hated him. I thought he was dangerous and creepy. But the more I saw him the sexier I thought he was, and I guess that sort of helped me see him more positively. Turned out I was totally wrong about him. He isn’t dangerous or creepy at all, he’s sweet and good. How has he changed? Hmm…well, I can’t say he’s changed all that much. He’s less secretive now, but I think he would have been before if he could have been, so that isn’t really a change.

Is there anything you’d like to change about each other?

Vinny: I’d like him to be more proud of his work. He makes these beautiful necklaces and headpieces, sells them in shops, but he could be really popular, he just won’t put anything online or admit he has a talent.

Salil: I admit I like my jewelry, I just cannot be a salesperson. I am not like you, Vincenzo.

Vinny: I know, which is so weird because everyone loves you, and you’re not shy at all. I bet if it was my work you could sell it.

Salil: Probably true.

Vinny: You go now. What do you wish was different about me?

Salil: I wish you would not flirt with other men. And women.

Vinny: I don’t flirt! I need to be pleasant, Salil, it’s different than flirting. You know that.

Salil: Still, you are extremely attractive. I know what people think when you smile at them. It sickens me.

Vinny: There is no one alive who could possibly be a threat to you.

Salil: *blushing* I’d still change it if I could.

What is your favorite thing about each other?

Vinny: I love how he gets so aggressive in bed. He doesn’t look like it, but he’s super dominant and it’s pretty sexy. Was a surprise at first, let me tell you! But yeah, I love that about him.

Salil: I love his laugh. When Vincenzo laughs, I feel it in my whole body.

Thanks for reading!

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13 thoughts on “PW Blog Hop: Character Spotlight

    • Thanks 🙂
      I had some trouble writing this and I’m still not totally happy with it actually. I feel like I ended Vinny and Salil in such a calm, happy place that there really wasn’t a lot of tension or spark to light this interview up for me.
      But I do love Salil as a character, he was fun to use as a counterpoint to Vinny.

  1. I always do love your character interactions. They’re charming and funny, and just sweet enough to be uplifting but not saccharine.

    Also, this little snippet certainly does pique my interest about their story!

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