Another insecure writer’s support group post!


Today I am insecure mostly about promotions. To me that is one of the most difficult things about writing!

Although, I guess, it is not really a part of writing, but a part of selling what you’ve written. Maybe that is exactly why it is so difficult. Because when you say, “Hey! I’ve got a book for sale! You might like it, maybe?” across the internet, you are required to have a certain level of confidence in your work.

I know I never recommend products or services to my friends unless I really, truly, love them, or unless I’m sure that my friends will love them. And even though I really truly love all my books, I’m not always confident that everyone else will love them. So it is a major insecurity, and one that really interferes with my success as a bookseller.

I see other people do it: they pimp their books everywhere, share their great reviews, pop in to comment threads with links to their amazon pages…but I just can’t do it. What I end up doing instead is a halfhearted effort that sounds a lot like “Eh, I wrote this, it’s not bad, but maybe it’s not good, only if you like this sort of thing, and here’s the link… okay bye.” Which, as you might suspect, doesn’t sell a ton of books.

So I’m trying to get better at it.

Do you sell your writing? If so, how do you muster the confidence to promote yourself? Do you actually feel that confidence, or do you fake it? Any tips for an insecure seller like me?

10 thoughts on “ISWG

  1. There’s no denying that book promotion is tricky business. I had the same issue in the beginning and sometimes still fear I might be targeting the wrong audiences, but I keep at it. I have found though, sometimes just talking about the book works as opposed to trying to sell it. For a while I stopped asking people to check out my book, but instead simply slipped it in to conversations or comments. Example: “Yeah, something like that happen to my character,” “Yeah, I wrote about that in my book,” “I don’t think I could do that, but my character is great at it.”

    • That is a good technique!
      yeah, I think making sure you are targeting the right audience is critical. I sometimes follow the self publishing podcast guys, and they say marketing is not really “selling”, but just letting people know about a product they might be interested in. So a soft sell, I guess? But that of course assumes you know who might be interested in your book.
      So maybe that is a good first step for me, just trying to get in front of people who care about my genre.
      🙂 thanks for visiting, and the comment!

    • I am trying to psyche myself up for a promo of Water Witch next week (to go with our blog hop thing)
      I actually paid for a promo with ENT, and am doing a kindle countdown thing, so I have some pressure to make myself do the pimping.

  2. I’m still working on this with my blog. It’s not the same as promoting a book, but I do have to be a little more assertive and aggressive than I’m used to. And I feel bad that all I seem to post on social media is self-promos.

    • I think all promotion is similar, in that it forces us (well, most of us) to step outside our comfort zones. You should be proud of what you’ve done!
      The good thing about promoting a blog is you are not asking for anyone to buy anything, and though you are asking for attention, it is not one-sided. I think a good blog is like a water-cooler, a place for conversations to occur, and that is a fun thing for most people to visit, so I wouldn’t feel too bad about promoting it if I were you.
      Good luck! I know being assertive is tough. If I come up with any tips I’ll share them 🙂

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