Pocket Watch Blog Hop: Character Spotlight

My writer’s group, The Pocket Watch, is hosting this blog hop all about our favorite characters!pocketwatch

For my contribution, I thought I would interview my couple from Night Vision, Alex & Theron. Don’t worry, it will be short ūüôā

As a refresher: Alex is a human, and Theron is a strige (a creature who feeds off emotions.)

So let’s pretend Alex & Theron are here, and see how this goes down…

Theron (okay it's really super hot model Miles McMillan)
Theron¬†(okay it’s really the super hot model Miles McMillan)

Alex (actually this pic is Max Hauser, an adorably sexy model)
Alex (actually this pic is Max Hauser, an adorably sexy model)

“When did you know you were in love?”

Alex: One day he came over and helped me fix my lawnmower, and after he left I was happy for days. I knew then.

Theron: That is wrong.

Alex: What? What are you talking about?

Theron: If you knew it then, I would have known as well, and I did not.

Alex: Maybe I didn’t want you to know.

Theron: Ridiculous. I would have felt it. You were still unsure of our love then. I remember.

Alex: You’re so old. Your memory must be¬†failing.

Theron: [shakes head] My memory is perfect.

Alex: Then why don’t you answer all the interview questions? I’ll just sit here.

Theron: I could do that.

Alex: Oh my God.

“So Theron, if you can read emotions, is it possible for humans to lie to you? Has Alex ever lied to you, that you know of?”

Theron: He lies often.

Alex: I do not!

Theron: Omissions are a type of lie.

Alex: Oh, for fuck’s sake.

Theron: Are you denying you keep things from me?

Alex: No. Actually, I’m keeping something from you right now.

Theron: I knew it.

Alex: [sighs dramatically]

“If you could change one thing about each other, what would it be?”

Alex: The way he thinks he knows everything.

Theron: His table manners need drastic improvement.

Alex: Wow. That’s harsh.

Theron: [shrugs]

“What is your favorite thing about each other?”

Alex: His eyes. They’re fantastic.

Theron: I was going to say his sense of humor, how he can always make me laugh. Was it supposed to be a physical thing?

Alex: Well, now I feel like a superficial asshole.

Theron: [smiles] It is all right, agape mu, answer it again.

Alex:¬†That’s my favorite thing right there. He always wants me to be happy. If he senses I’m upset he’ll do anything to make me feel better. It’s very flattering.

“Alex, you’ve said that Theron is stronger than you physically, as well as having some rather¬†impressive supernatural powers. Are you ever uncomfortable with that?”

Alex: Sometimes.

Theron:¬†I’ve never felt fear from you. In what way are¬†you uncomfortable?

Alex: I guess I feel a little inadequate. I’m used to being with guys that aren’t much bigger or stronger than me. Sometimes with you I feel kind of weak.

Theron: You are not weak. You bring me to my knees often.

Alex: [laughing] Not here, Theron.

“What was your childhood like?”

Alex: I grew up in a suburb, went to public school. I have two older sisters, and they constantly teased me. I had a great childhood.

Theron: I lived on a large estate with my parents. I socialized frequently with some other strige children, but it was a quiet life. I was alone often.

Alex: That makes me sad.

Theron: I like being alone. It was not sad.

“What do you do for fun?”

Theron: Alex has been cooking with me. We have been trying something new each week.

Alex: I mostly just help, but yeah, that’s fun. Also we’ve started snorkeling, and we’re going to try spearfishing soon.

Theron: No. That is dangerous for you, Alex. We are not spearfishing. We have discussed this.

Alex: Our first trip is next week. I already paid for it.

Theron: And you say you do not lie.

Alex: Just think of how you’re going to cook all the fish we catch.

Theron: Hmm. Good point.

Alex: [smiles]

“What do you argue about most often?”

Alex: We hardly ever really argue.

Theron: We pretend to argue a lot, though.

“What is the difference between a real argument and a pretend one?”

Alex: I win all the real arguments.

Theron: True. [whispers] Because I let him.


Thanks for reading! If you’d like to know more about Alex & Theron, pick up Night Vision and read their story.

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13 thoughts on “Pocket Watch Blog Hop: Character Spotlight

  1. Oh they are really very cute, aren’t they? You definitely got me laughing! I completely know what they mean by “pretend arguments,” though. They can be a great deal of fun.

    I really enjoy just how truly non-human Theron sounds. The way he approaches his words and ideas are really distinctly different, and it gives us a good sense of the character particularly on mundane topics, and in contrast to Alex. It’s always so much more fun when the nonhuman actually acts it, as opposed to just being a human with a couple extra abilities stuck on!

    • Thanks! I tried so hard to do a good job with his voice. The book is alternating pov, and I think it worked well to have a very different feeling for his sections.
      And yes, pretend arguments are the best! ūüôā

  2. I laughed and smiled all through their exchange. You can really feel the energy and affection in their banter. They just work well together as a couple, even when they’re at odds. That Theron is not human, and that the reader does not forget this at any point, adds more spice into the mix. I enjoy his character a lot, and you’re written him wonderfully. Here’s to hoping you’ll write a sequel!

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