anti-social media

Praise for pinterest: the only social media site where I feel comfortable.

I used to have a lot of illusions about making friends online. I used to hope that I’d find a few writer friends, and be able to chat with them outside of social media, maybe even offline, out in the “real” world. I don’t think like that anymore. Now, when I feel like I am getting close with someone online, I remind myself that they don’t actually like me, and I pull away. Safer that way.

But it makes places like facebook, and even wordpress, tricky to navigate. So I’ve searched for another place, where I won’t have to try to figure out people’s motivations. Someplace where I don’t need to untangle any complex affiliations or ongoing arguments before deciding if I should reply to a post. (because that is exhausting)

Enter Pinterest. I have been spending a lot more time there lately, and here’s why:

  • I can freely share other people’s posts without sending any kind of message beyond “I like this post”. On facebook, liking someone’s post is like “liking” them. Or approving of them? idk. And sharing a post is some kind of favor or something? I don’t get it. I don’t want to get it. I just want to like what I like and share what I want and not worry what that will mean to anyone else.
  • I never have to comment on anything. Comments are not expected. Posts are not personal. No one posts about their cat’s cancer or their kid’s bully. Way less pressure.
  • I can collect pictures and links that I enjoy, and that actually relate to my writing. Instead of sharing random jokes or political links or details from my personal life, I can actually collect setting and character inspiration photos, or story research, or any other things that relate to my work-in-progress.
  • The amount of followers I have (or don’t have) does not impact my enjoyment of the site. I honestly don’t care. If I only had two followers I would get just as much use and pleasure from Pinterest. I don’t feel ignored or neglected if no one comments on my posts, because I don’t expect or want any comments. I am not posting for attention. Much healthier.

I guess the point could be made that Pinterest, especially in the way I am using it, is not exactly “social” media. Whatever. I can’t really handle social media. I need anti-social media. And for now, Pinterest is it.

*edit: Just to be clear, this post only means exactly what it says. No ulterior motives or passive aggressive manipulations here. I am truly not that complex of a person. I wrote this post after I spent some time on facebook earlier and wanted to comment on a post there. But I realized I shouldn’t comment, because the person whose post it was is friends with some people who blocked me, and so if I commented they would think it meant more than it did. That led me to a line of thought where I mentally listed all the reasons I prefer a less socially complex site like pinterest. That’s all this is. Honestly.

4 thoughts on “anti-social media

  1. This is so funny because I was just trying to explain to my somewhat anti-social media artist friend how even she could use Pinterest because it’s so impersonal and requires so little interaction.

    Love it!

    • Haha! Yes, Pinterest is a fantastic site. I like that it feels somewhat useful. Not just related to writing, but life stuff. I have found a lot of great recipes and craft projects there, and I am starting to plan this years garden using it too. I’m sure your friend will find it fun! 🙂

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