It’s Insecure Writer’s Support Group day!


So I have been sort of insecure lately, and I’ve also been pretty happy too.

First, the insecure: Am I being idiotic to continue putting time into writing? If I’m probably never going to earn a decent part time wage, should I even continue? Or just, in an only part time capacity? That’s in the back of my mind lately.

And then, the happy: I’m actually getting kind of excited for this book release (Feb. 18, Night Vision), and nervous but in a fun way. I loved writing the story. It was with this story that I really feel like I found my feet as a writer. I workshopped the whole thing like crazy, and through those revisions, I learned how to write. I joined Scribophile and a Yahoo critique group with this novel, and I learned so much from the writers I met.

It was really cool editing it for publication, because I had literally put it aside and not opened it for a year. So working on it brought memories of some critique partners I had on that novel, who taught me a lot, and who I am grateful for. I’m still crit partners with some of the people who read Night Vision (working title was “the strige” on scrib.)

And on my current projects, I have some excellent new crit partners, who I am also grateful for. I feel lucky every time I find a critiquer who really gets me and my stuff, and is willing to read and crit. It kind of renews my excitement about writing.

How about you? Do you remember all your best critiquers, even from projects several years past complete? Do you have a few favorite, special critiquers, whose opinion you trust?

2 thoughts on “iwsg

  1. There’s nothing better than finding a crit partner that fits well with you. I was lucky that my very first CP turned out to be great. Good luck with your future critters!

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