Publishing Progress Post 2

So first of all, apologies that this “series of posts” which I claimed I would start about my publishing journey never really happened. In my defense, there wasn’t much to write about until now. I’ll explain…

Today’s lesson: Having help is pretty fantastic The last time I posted, I had just signed a contract to publish my Paranormal Romance novella “Night Vision” with Dreamspinner Press. Then, like, nothing happened for months. But when something finally DID happen, I was amazed at how little I had to do.

I had to fill out a blurb questionnaire, which was basically me copying most of my query letter and answering some questions. I had to fill out a cover art questionnaire, which was me telling a bit about my characters and telling them which kinds of covers I like. And then I got my first set of edits.

I have to say, they were really great. I’ve worked with about 5 freelance editors as a self-publisher, and they all were good. Some better than others, of course, but all decent. This was the best so far, and also delivered by a super sweet editor who was a pleasure to deal with. I was very happy. I made the changes, made a few comments, and returned it. We went through this twice more, with two different editors, but the changes for those were minor and really quick.

Then I got the cover design (I was a little finicky but they allowed it and worked with me and made me happy) and I got the blurb (also made a change but they didn’t seem to mind) and then I got the galley proof to look at and then…. that’s it.

I feel like I should have more to do. I know the promo will still be mostly on me, and I’m working on that, but so far I feel really good about everything. I could get used to this, for sure.

So I will try to do another post, maybe after I get an idea how sales went, and I will reflect on the whole experience a bit more.

But right now, I’m seeing that this might not be the worst option for a writer. Just writing, not doing all the other stuff. Not bad. Not bad at all. NightVisionFS

This is the cover they did for me! Release date: Feb 18

Tell me what you think!

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