Candied Orange Peels

Happy Thanksgiving!

I thought I would post a recipe today, on this food heavy holiday. And since times are tough, candied orange peel came to mind. Also I just made a batch recently, so I had some picturescandyorange

Candied Orange peel is a great thing to make. First of all, it is delicious. If you’ve never tried it, you should. Secondly, it makes your house smell fantastic. And third, it is cheap to make, and converts something that is often discarded into a special treat.

So what you need are a few oranges (or grapefruits or lemons, whatever. But oranges are nice) and sugar. That’s it! You’ll need a large skillet or saucepan and a few sheets of waxed paper or parchment (or foil would work too I guess) and a plastic container to store them in when you’re done.

Use a knife to remove the skin (with the white part attached!) from your orange. It’s fine if a bit of pulp is on there, too. It’s also nice to make candied orange slices, and in that case just slice the orange 1/4 inch thick. I do a mixture of slices and peels.

At this point, some people recommend boiling the rinds in water, then draining and dumping the water and boiling them again in fresh water, then draining again. This removes some bitterness, but I kind of like the bitterness so I don’t do it. Decide for yourself! The peels are good either way.FullSizeRender (2)

Then you just boil the pieces in a simple sugar syrup (1 cup sugar for every 1 cup water.) Use enough syrup to cover the pieces. Simmer them until they start to turn translucent (probably like 45 minutes)

Then lay the pieces on waxed paper to cool. Save the leftover syrup (refrigerate it) for kick-ass orange flavored cocktails or seltzer spritzers. If you want, after the pieces have set (overnight probably) you can roll them in sugar for a crystallized look, or leave them shiny-sticky. Either way is good.IMG_2240

I use them for chopping into my fruitcake, or dip them in melted chocolate and put them on my Christmas cookie tray. They make a nice gift or a tasty treat for yourself, and they cost almost nothing to make.

Happy Holidays!

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