forgot about IWSG (sorry!!)

Holy moly, I totally forgot it was IWSG day!


Which obviously means I don’t have much to say. Please take a minute to visit a few of the more prepared and responsible bloggers on the IWSG page.

Insecure? I am, but I’m working on it.

Mainly right now I am insecure about my NaNoWriMo project. It’s going well, but I’ve reached the point where I need to pull the plot together, and that is always tough for me. Sex scenes I can write easily. Backstory and character development is no sweat. But tying up plot? Making actions meaningful and relevant to the story? Trickier. So I am about 11k into the project, all characters have been established, the bones of the thing laid out, and now “the plot thickens” as they say. I’ll do my best.

Another insecurity I have (which I am working on) is being proud of my genre. Romance writers in general get scoffed at pretty frequently, and m/m Romance is downright laughable to many. But I really enjoy meeting people, and I am proud of my stories. I want to go to the NaNo write ins and admit what I write, and not have to pretend confidence. Someday, maybe. I also want to join a local author’s group, but I’m nervous they won’t have me. So I’m working up my nerve to try that. I will update with a blog post if I do it!

Happy IWSG day, everyone 🙂

2 thoughts on “forgot about IWSG (sorry!!)

  1. So understand your reluctance to find out if folks do or don’t understand or support you. But keep doing what you’re doing! Your calling is yours and no one can change that if you don’t want them to. Most of what I write is “okay” for folks to understand, but I still have a hard time putting myself out there in public. But that shouldn’t stop you if you really want feedback from other writers. Who knows, you might find someone who writes like you do! Don’t want to miss out on that do you? Give it a try, and if folks don’t respond, well at least you can say that you tried and won’t regret later that you didn’t try. Good luck and thanks for posting today, even if it was late!!! I came by once yesterday and you hadn’t posted, so I came back to day just to see if you had! Good job!!!

    • Thanks for coming back!
      I also was terrible about visiting other IWSG blogs 😦 Bad writer, me.
      I will go to the local writer’s group, I think. It’s more of a marketing support system than a critique group, so even if they look down their noses at me I guess I can join (I’m sure they’ll take my membership fee anyway, lol) and learn from them. I’m pretty good at the fake confidence thing, I just wish I didn’t have to fake it.
      So glad you stopped by my blog 🙂

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