GRL: morning after post 4

Photos! I did manage to put my drink down and take some pictures. Here are a few from the past few days…


After I forced this selfie on Rafe Haze, I strong-armed him into dancing with me. I am a terrible dancer and so as you might expect, he avoided me for the rest of the night. I don’t care, it was so worth it!


A total fangirl shot of me with Jordan Castillo-Price.


The fact that no one attempted a drunken game of mini-golf surprises and disappoints me.

IMG_1987-0.JPGSomeone made these little penis charms for the cockwalk auction (which was super fun, btw) and I thought they were so funny and cute. I wonder who won them, and where they will end up?

IMG_2018-0Check out all the swag I collected!!! I have to go through it and look for ideas.

Sorry my intentions for photos were so much grander than what I delivered. 😦 Today is the last day of GRL, and so maybe tomorrow I will post a wrap up!

Thanks for reading ❤



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