GRL: morning after post 2

Wow I had too much to drink last night!


But I am up and showered and dressed, and I’m heading down for another day of GRL stuff. Last night was really fun. I definitely made an ass of myself to at least a few people, so I count it as a success 🙂

One of the coolest things here that the con itself did was put out an “anthology” of excerpts from each of the supporting authors and give it out for free. This gave me something to have all of them sign, and also it is going to be great advertising for those authors, I’m sure. So… I turned into a crazy swag-grabbing fan, had everyone in the author’s room sign my book, and filled up my tote bag with pens and lip balm and buttons. I’m not sorry.

I also had a few opportunities to chat more with readers and reviewers, and I continue to be amazed both at their kindness and their love of this genre.

Will post again tomorrow! ❤

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