GRL: morning after post 1

Hello! I made it to GayRomLit in Chicago and settled in. I have to admit, travelling alone isn’t so bad. No one to worry about, no one to consult with… I could get used to this! (don’t tell my family)

The hotel is super cute, like a giant honeycomb. Everything (and I mean everything) is hexagonal. It’s really pretty, and the long winding corridors mean I’ll get plenty of exercise walking around here!

photo 2 photo 1

Yesterday was the writer’s workshop. I attended a few of the events, but I was kind of in and out, I arrived late and was distracted with checking into my room and settling in. At night I was feeling pretty shy, and it took me a while to get the nerve to go down to the lobby. I lurked there sucking down rum & cokes until someone (a super nice reader named Nikki) came over and started talking to me. After that I was better, and I had fun talking to a few people in the lobby. I even got a picture with Edmond Manning!

photo 3

Today the conference really begins, and I signed up to help at the registration desk for a while, so I hope that I can meet some people there and that way I won’t be so nervous later tonight.

Main takeaways from day 1:

  • I need to be more brave. People are nice (or at least tolerant) and I should approach them.
  • The swag here is amazing. Seriously. I need to up my swag game!
  • Travelling alone is awesome.

I will update again tomorrow morning! ❤

3 thoughts on “GRL: morning after post 1

  1. I love traveling alone (don’t tell my husband). No one to wait for, no one to coordinate with, no one to have to discuss things with…. I mean, I like traveling with my husband too, but traveling alone is its own kind of special.

    I made myself brave the lobby early on during this year’s RT con. Then I made myself get up and go over to people I recognized from their photos (based solely on fear that they might likewise have recognized me and started thinking, “Well, she’s a snob, isn’t she? Sitting over there by herself ignoring us”).

    I’m glad you’re having fun! 😀 I loved going to RT. I wanted to go to ALL THE CONFERENCES after that. (Alas, my wallet and my husband said that wouldn’t be possible…)

    • Yes that is exactly what I was afraid people were thinking! I try to soften my resting bitch-face, but I’m not sure I’m ever successful. Anyway I’m super grateful that someone broke the ice for me.
      Now I’m drinking coffee, gearing up to try to be more extroverted today 🙂
      But yeah, being here alone is pretty great! I haven’t gone anywhere alone in over 15 years. This WILL happen again 🙂

      • Ha. It looks like you were successful in your efforts to be more extroverted. 😀

        (I have RBF too. Sometimes it’s an asset. Sometimes it just leads me to wanting to stab a mothereffer: “Smile! It’s not all bad!” (Well it sure wasn’t until you interrupted the awesome m/m sexytimes scene in my head just as the one guy was finally about to…))

        Have a great day 3, Amelia!

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