Prepping for GRL

Just over a week until I leave for GayRomLit!

I’m pretty nervous. And excited. Mostly nervous, though.

I’m sitting here thinking of what I will wear, and which shoes would be best, and if I need to bring anything in particular (will I need a bag during the day? Should I bring a purse or like a tote bag type thing? Will it be hot in the conference center or should I dress for the season?) I think mostly these worries about clothing and accessories are just self-distraction. My real nerves come from a much deeper place.

I keep seeing little happy memes on facebook that say things like “GRL is where friends become family!” and similar sentiments. There are posts about the fun parties, and lots pf people talking about seeing friends again. All this makes me even more nervous. What if I’m the only one who doesn’t make friends? And should I be treating this as a professional event, or a personal one? (A mix of both? What does that even mean??)

So one idea I had was to post to my blog from GRL. I thought it might give me something to focus on, some purpose for the trip. Maybe I’ll post short updates, maybe even little videos (?), just to share my experiences for people who might have wanted to go to GRL but can’t, or for other people (like me) who are facing their first conference. Is this a stupid idea? Let me know 🙂

6 thoughts on “Prepping for GRL

    • I will keep that in mind!
      I’ve also been advised to try the “space bag” things… I haven’t yet attempted to pack (might be an all day project for me) but I probably will end up needing some kind of technological help: cubes or bags or something similar. Five days of clothes in one bag, with the kind of evening events this conference has, is going to be a challenge for sure. 🙂

      • There was a video I found (I wish I could find it again!) before I packed for RT Booklovers that was made by a woman who’s a pro at packing for cons. She fit her elaborate evening gown, a bunch of shoes, and all her other clothes, plus promo materials, in one freaking suitcase. It was like a magic trick. It sent me running to Amazon for packing cubes. Because I was driving to RT, space wasn’t a huge concern, but I knew I’d be walking about a half mile from where I was parking my car, and I didn’t want to have to do more than one trip, so I still had incentive to consolidate as much as possible. It worked! I got four dresses (that I never wore), several pairs of shoes (most of which I never wore), my everyday clothes (more than I needed), and my cosmetics and stuff into one suitcase. And it was so convenient at the hotel! The packing cubes are like little portable drawers. All my jeans were in one, my shirts in another, my socks and underwear in another. When it came to repacking to leave, it was a cinch—no sitting on my suitcase to try to get it zipped. I’m never going anywhere without packing cubes again. (And eventually I’ll finish unpacking. It’s only been five months…)

      • Update: I just went to the container store. I now have cubes, ziploc travel space-bags, and some kind of foldable compression garment bag thing.
        One suitcase or bust!! LOL 🙂

  1. I didn’t see my choice up there. Tweet your experiences as they happen and make sure you include the conference hashtag. Another thing to keep in mind is you’ll only get out of it what you put in to it. So clothes would be a small concern to me, but having a bunch of business cards with your blog, twitter, etc would be my top priority. Pass them out like candy on Halloween.

    Oh, and have fun 🙂

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette

    • Oh, good idea! I’m terrible at twitter. I should try harder with that. And tweeting is less time intensive, as well, so that might be a better option if I am actually having fun 🙂
      I did get some cards done, and I am super proud of myself because I actually had a q-code printed on the back so people can just scan it and go straight to my page. Technology! I’m also bringing some coupon cards for free books so I can hand them out to readers if I happen to chat with them.
      You are right, though, the most important thing to pack is the right attitude. I need to focus on having fun, and not obsess about clothes or popularity. Thanks! ❤

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