Water Witch is now available!

It’s out! My paranormal Romance “Water Witch” is now live on Amazon 🙂

possible ww


Today my male/male Paranormal Romance Water Witch is live on Amazon, and I am super excited!! (and a little nervous, too.)

This is a light paranormal, not at all dark or dramatic. It is heavy on the Romance, has hardly any angst, and a handful of sexy times. 😉

Water Witch is the story of Vincenzo, a young man with a very comfortable life. You know the type: a nice family, a cute house, natural good looks, and some pretty impressive talents or skills on top of all that. The kind of guy who never has to try too hard, never faces any major challenges… Maybe not the kind of character you’d choose as a “hero.” But I did choose him, and I gave him a few obstacles along the road to happiness.

If you are interested in male/male paranormal Romance, give it a try? And let me know what you think 🙂 I’d love to hear from you!

Also: if you are interested in some of the “inspiration” pictures, check out my pinterest page 🙂

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