The Foreman by J.T. Hall

Back Camera
Tim’s got a crush on the foreman, with his Burt Reynolds looks and his commanding presence. When he messes up on the job, Tim figures it’s all over. But Gary Zucker may just have a solution for his younger crewman. Because Gary likes boys who know how to please the boss. 
J.T. Hall writes great stories, and I was lucky enough to beta read this one several months ago, as she and I are in the same critique group (the House of ManLove!!) Although I never post reviews here on my blog, I thought in this case it would be all right for me to give my opinions about it. J.T. agreed to let me do a “sort-of-review” which was my way of saying “I don’t feel qualified (or comfortable) judging other writers in my genre, but I liked this story and I want to write about it.”
What I like about this erotic short is best expressed in a short bulleted list:
  • Realistic characters. Tim is average, young, a bit on the thin side, not a “hunk”. Gary is slightly older, hairy, also not “supermodel” material but sexy in a real-guy way. I love that! Not only is it more realistic (I don’t know about you, but I don’t run into a lot of mega-hunks in my daily life) but it is great because we get so many stories where the primary attraction is purely based on one (or both) character’s stunning physical beauty, and that is lame. In reality, people are attracted to many varieties of bodies and faces. Sure there is a place for fantasy, but it is refreshing to read a story with real attraction that is NOT based on a Hollywood standard of beauty.
  • All action. Okay, this is an erotic short. It is meant as an erotic short. Too often, this same plot and action would be expanded into an almost-novella, purely for publishing purposes. The length of this is perfect, trust me. Could we have more information about the characters? More back-story? Sure. But it would be unnecessary. I appreciate the directness of this work.
  • Healthy, fun BDSM. I have been pretty open about the fact I am NOT a BDSM expert or practitioner. I do sometimes read (and write) very light BDSM themes, though. What I love is when a story can express the desire to dominate/submit in a way that makes sense, and where all characters are clearly enjoying the action. J.T. does a great job in this story (and in her other work) of showing that a sexual submissive is not broken or damaged or sick. She makes it clear that all participants are normal, healthy people, who are doing exactly what they want to do. Often quite enthusiastically!

If you are in the mood for a short, erotic story with just a hint of D/s, I recommend The Foreman!

The Foreman is available from Amazon or Barnes & Noble

Want more J.T. Hall? Check out J.T.’s blog or follow her on Twitter 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Foreman by J.T. Hall

  1. Aloha Amelia,

    Just stopping by from IWSG and I had to *LAUGH* when I say your profile logo thingy (I still don’t know what that’s called… but anyway, I digest)

    Your logo is sooo funny – and absolutely 100% correct 🙂

    I love posting as if I’m having a conversation with myself (and look, I do it in comments, too 🙂

    Happy writing 🙂

    • ha ha! Yes, but now you have encouraged me by commenting, so that I will continue to blog under the illusion of an audience 🙂
      Sorry you visited before my IWSG post was up (it is posted now) Thanks for stopping by anyway!

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