I C Summer Blog Tour

I’d like to thank Kate Whitaker for tagging me in this hop. She is a great writer, who has created an amazing world filled with werewolves and all kinds of interesting characters and creatures in her Epic Urban Fantasy series. Click here to go to Kate’s Amazon page.
Also, thanks to I C Publishing for sponsoring this blog tour!

So here goes…

1. Share how you start your writing project(s). For example, where do you find inspiration? Do you outline? Do you jump right into the writing? Do you do all of your research first?

I am a total pantster (is that spelled right? I don’t know) I usually have a very vague idea of plot, and a clearer picture of a character or two. I often begin with one scene, not necessarily the opening scene, just any strong scene, and then move outwards from there. I do research as needed along the way, but I don’t write historical or anything that requires a lot of research so that makes it easier. The closest I’ve come to outlining is writing out plot points.


2. How do you continue your writing project? i.e. How do you find motivation to write on the non-creative days? Do you keep to a schedule? How do you find the time to write?

I think the process I follow helps to make writing fun. I do almost all my writing in a pretty non-linear fashion. Basically, I’ll write out a lot of scenes, powerful moments and interesting situations, and then later I’ll stitch them all together in a way that (hopefully) makes sense. It might not be the most efficient way to do things, but it is not boring! I write a lot, the time I spend varies but I like to write at minimum 1000 words each day, ideally closer to 3000. That’s harder on weekends or summer when my kids are home.

Writing-good-stuff3. How do you finish your project? i.e. When do you know the project is complete? Do you have a hard time letting go? Do you tend to start a new project before you finish the last one?

I’m not sure. Usually when I’m sick of it, I guess? Or when I feel like I’m just moving things around and not changing much. But when I think I’m done, I give my story to beta readers who almost always suggest adding scenes. So I suppose I need other people to tell me when I’m done. I usually have two projects going at once, so that if I am stuck on one I can still write something on the other. It helps me not feel useless to at least write something every day.Writing_Quote_298

4. Include one challenge or additional tip that our collective communities could help with or benefit from.

Probably the best tip I have is to become involved with a critique group or community of some sort. I am in a few, and they have helped me so much. Not just with my writing, but with my sanity! It’s so important to have people to talk to who understand. Also, critiquing is a great way to learn about writing.

Kimber Vale has agreed to participate in this hop with me! Kimber enjoys crafting in a number of genres, including both gay (under K. Vale) and straight erotic romance, horror, bizarro, and sci/fi.  Dark themes frequently creep their way into her stories, but she loves a good romance and is sure to give her MCs their much-deserved happily-ever-after once she is done abusing them. Her blog is lots of fun, you should visit!

Tell me what you think!

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