Gratitude for crit partners

ThanksI have been blessed from the start of my writing endeavors with awesome betas. That was pure luck. A few of them have gone on to become freelance editors, so that gives you an idea of the type of beta-ing they did for me (I told you I was lucky!)

About a year ago, I decided I needed a little more than betas. I joined Scribophile. And then I joined  a critique group. With the help of these two groups, my writing really improved.

There is something about workshopping with other writers that is extra special. It’s not just help with grammar and characters and plot, it’s commiserating about writing and publishing, brainstorming marketing and promotion ideas, sharing resources and information, and cheering for each other no matter what. I feel like I have a great support system (finally!) and the difference it has made in my writing is incredible.

Recently, I was so stuck on my WIP, I started feeling really hopeless and lame. I brought the plot to a few scribophile friends, and they helped me hammer out the issues I was having. Yesterday I added 1000 words, restructured a character arc, and though I still have work to do I feel really good about this story now.

So this is a post just to say THANK YOU to my crit partners, beta readers, and editors. I know I am annoying and needy and ditzy. But I love you. And I am so grateful. Because this story will come and go, but the feelings of gratitude and community will nourish me as a writer and as a person for a long time.

This is also a post to say THANK YOU to ALL the people who help each other. Time and attention is such a precious gift, I think it is easy to forget how important it is to give it, and what an impact it can make on someone’s life.

I hope that someday I can repay the gifts I’ve been given by the awesome writer friends I’ve made ❤

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