cheerful photos

Because I’m not feeling very cheerful. Nothing happened or anything, just the usual – self-doubt, too much stuff to do, not smart enough to do anything right, frustrated with life – stuff going on.

photo (19)
This is an heirloom rose, a gorgeous bright pink and such a strong smell!

So instead of whining (which is what I totally feel like doing) I’m posting some photos of my garden. to remind myself that life is beautiful. If you click on any of them, you can see a large version. They aren’t great pictures or anything, I only took them with my phone.

Hope everyone is having a beautiful summer 🙂

Big fat bumblebee on blackberry blossoms. (B!!)
photo 3
pretty colors in the water. I took this at the beach (duh) but it is a fun beach because the breakwalls prevent waves, so the water is really calm even though it’s open ocean. My kids love it there.
photo 4 (1)
Sunset over the weedy-rosebushes on a oceanfront bluff. Point Judith in the distance.
My big rosebush, currently home to a very aggressive mockingbird that I am sure my dog will kill one of these days.
Climbing pink roses on my chain-link fence. Cause I’m classy like that.
photo 1
Tiny roses (I’m realizing I have a lot of rosebushes. Not sure why.)

7 thoughts on “cheerful photos

    • Thanks! I have taken photography classes, and have owned great cameras… but I am just not cut out for photography! LOL but at least flowers and natural scenes don’t move too suddenly, and they don’t complain when you post their pictures on the internet 🙂

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