Seductive Studs & Sirens


For this week, a snippet from my WIP: a story about a witch and a water Fae. And because they are the most fun, this short excerpt is of a sexy scene ❤

I reached between our bodies and took hold of his hard cock, and for a moment he responded perfectly. He pulled away from my mouth, gasping, and bucked into my hand. Then his eyes flew open and he smiled at me.

“Ah-ah, not so fast.”

He wrapped his long fingers around my wrist and forced my hand to the mattress near my head. The other one he held similarly. I put up a token struggle, and was shocked at the security of his grip.

“In the water, I wanted you so badly I let you lead us. I let you go fast. This time, witch,” He leaned down to nuzzle my cheek with his nose, “this time we will do things my way.” He pressed closer, and whispered in my ear, “this time you will scream my name to the forest.”

“Holy fuck.” I arched against him and he met my thrust, rocking on me and making my blood sing. Yes. Damn, I felt so right with him. “Salil.” I moaned his name to see his reaction, and I wasn’t disappointed. He closed his eyes and his mouth curved open in a blissful smile.

“Say it again,” he demanded, eyes still closed.

Hopefully this story will be released in September… tentative title: “waterwitch”

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