wasting time is my superpower

I’m supposed to be working on my new story, a paranormal romance involving a witch and a water fae (sounds fun, right?) But instead, I’m fooling around in photoshop, trying to come up with a viable logo for myself. Several things stand in my way.

1. I have limited skills. Yes, I went to art school. Yes, I have graphic design experience. But I haven’t worked in the field for years. I’m very rusty.

2. I don’t know what I want. I am seriously the most indecisive person you will ever meet. Everything is okay, and nothing is right. I’m the world’s worst client, even to myself.

3. I’m not sure what my “brand” is. What do I stand for? What kind of image do I want to put out there? I write Romance, sure – but some of it is paranormal, some contemporary, some m/f, mostly m/m though, some is fun and light, some is dark and angsty… what should I say about myself?

Well, here are a few possibilities. In case anyone out there sees them and has an opinion, I’m listening 🙂

new logo copy

So obviously I am working with the slogan “Love is Beautiful” which I think is generic enough for me, and also I like it. I used my signature here, which I like I guess. Not sure about the black… but I suppose I could reverse it to white on a business card or sticker?

trying for new logo v2

This was an idea I had to incorporate a moon, since a lot of my stuff is fantasy/paranormal. I like the moon but I’m not loving this design. Too busy. Also probably not readable at a small size.trying for new logo v3


This one has potential. Maybe better to get away from the signature and use type. Cleaner. Still not sure…trying for new logo v4

And this one is another typeface choice, with a different feel. Also not sure about it.

Edit: maybe a combo of the moon and type ones?

trying for new logo v5


Ah, who knows.

I am hoping to have something I can put on business cards, stickers (for swag) and use as an avatar for twitter, facebook, wordpress, etc. Should I hang it up and go back to my NoH8 picture? Any feedback? Opinions?


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