happy easter

Growing up an Atheist in a Roman Catholic family wasn’t always easy. I had to keep my mouth shut a lot. And now, married to a Greek Orthodox, I’m in the same situation. But what I learned early is that most religions have, at their core, the same themes. And even though Atheism is not a religion, I still have my own, nature-centered, way of looking at the world.

Easter is one of the easiest holiday-themes for me to get down with: Rebirth.


I don’t need a story about a man (or a god) rising from the dead to understand that this time of year we are meant to appreciate the gift of life. From the brown, apparently dead remains of last summer’s vegetation, new growth emerges. From the dry barren earth new plants unfurl. IMG_0858 IMG_0862


Our faith over the long winter is rewarded, and life returns. And I can honestly say “Happy Easter!” Greetings Ostara, goddess of the dawn, and welcome spring 🙂

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