so vanilla

I am. So, so, vanilla. And I don’t know why I thought a BDSM story was a good idea to write!?


I have written BDSM before, but that was more a fantasy story, not a contemporary, so I could get away with not being so realistic. This one is proving more nerve-wracking.

But it is done. Done, done, done! I finished yesterday, 20k with a sappy-sweet happy-ever-after, as I like it. But the BDSM… I am afraid it is too vanilla. Too tame. But I wanted it to be sexy, and to me actual physical damage is NOT sexy. Neither is a full on ‘power exchange’, or a master/slave relationship. So I wrote it the best way I could, and even though it is kind of out of my personal comfort zone, it’s sexy to me. I hope it’s okay.

Does everyone have these horrible doubts after finishing their stories? No? Just me?

4 thoughts on “so vanilla

  1. Are you kidding me? Of course I have doubts! I’m stressing this morning because my current draft seems rambly to me. It’s not even done yet!

    • I guess a certain amount of self-doubt is healthy. It would be pretty lame if we all walked around thinking our writing was awesome, never being self-critical, never improving. This time I am mostly nervous about how actual BDSM peeps will react. Will they think it’s lame, what I’ve written? Sadly, there is only one way to find out. So into the fire I go, I suppose 🙂

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