Love’s Landscapes

What I’m working on right now is my story for the goodreads M/M Romance group’s  Love’s Landscapes event. If you don’t know what this is, it is a nice ‘open call’ type event, called “Don’t read in the closet”, where readers supply prompt letters, asking writers for specific stories. The stories then go into an anthology that is made available for free.

I have read the free stories in years past, but never had the nerve to sign up to write one. Well, this year, I did it! Here is the prompt I chose:

Dear Author, 

When I was told I would never walk again and would be stuck in a wheelchair the rest of my life something inside me broke. I put up a cold and tough front to keep everyone at arm’s length; it’s easier that way. No one could ever love a man whose body is covered in scars, whose legs will never work again, who has lost himself. 

** This story can be m/m or m/m/m. I want this story to have a BDSM theme with the man in the wheelchair as the sub. And it would be nice to have more than one POV but is not necessary. An HEA/HFN is a must. Thank you.



And this is the photo:


I am really trying to make it great. I want to not only do justice to the BDSM aspect of it, but I want to treat the disability with dignity.  It’s been interesting doing research for this, and I’m kind of getting into it! It actually touches on a lot of issues I have with BDSM, and is allowing me to create a nice relationship dynamic using those ideas. So far, I am about 7k into it. I think it might end up at around 12k, not much more. But I’m going to put it to my crit group, so anything could happen 🙂

I hope people like the story. I am having a lot of fun writing it!

Tell me what you think!

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