blurb, blurb

Oh, the blurb. Second only to the synopsis in suckitude.

The good news: I finished my WIP! Yay!!! The bad news: now comes the really hard parts. Editing (which I secretly like, in a ‘rip-the-bandage-off’ kind of way), blurb writing, and then… the most evil of all evils: self-promotion.

But one terrifying step at a time. Today it’s the blurb. This is what I have so far:

“They grew up together, and fell in love along the way. But the night Cole & Rick came out to their parents their lives changed in ways they never expected. Before their romance could stand on its own, they were cursed by the gods to remain together, or die.

 What happens when kissing your boyfriend becomes a life or death situation? When you have to stay together no matter how your feelings change?

 Cole promised he’d love Rick forever. He had no idea how difficult that would prove to be.”

Wow, that sucks! So I have some work to do. As usual, I have trouble with decisions and confidence, so this seemingly simple task is (for me) really hard. Seriously, writing the book was easier. But all my blurbs are so bad, and this is really the best story I’ve written ever (I think), so I want a good blurb to go with it. I need a good blurb. It deserves a good blurb.

So I look up “how to write a blurb”. No help.

I look at blurbs of other books in the top 20 of gay romance on amazon. No help.

As always, I try to think of what I’d like, as a reader. Since I pretty much write books for myself, I like to pretend that my readers are kind of like me, and so… maybe they will respond to the things I like? Makes sense. Well, after hours of this I am not fixing the blurb, I am writing this blog, which proves that I don’t even know what I like.

I know what I don’t like: I don’t like blurbs that are really synopses. If I know the plot from the blurb, I probably won’t buy the book. I don’t like blurbs that tell me too much about characters. If I feel like I know the character’s “type” from the blurb, I probably won’t buy the book. And I don’t like blurbs that are really long. I’ll give you 250 words, at the absolute maximum. I don’t even click the “show more” under the blurb on amazon when it runs longer than the standard space. God, I really hope my readers are more forgiving than I am, LOL!

Well, as ever,  I welcome any advice, blurb related or general. If anyone needs me, I’ll be staring at my computer screen.

5 thoughts on “blurb, blurb

    • I was thinking of asking if anyone in the group wanted to beta this book… but after everybody just held my hand through my entire “night vision” process, I feel bad. I’m so needy!

    • The funny thing is, when I was looking at blurbs all day I was like, “these ALL suck!” I think the form itself is just a difficult thing, to read and to write. But it is literally selling your book, so it is important. I’ll keep trying.
      PM me your blurbs for Uncommon Animals, I’d love to read what you are coming up with 🙂

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