It seems like only a few months ago I was deciding not to go to GRL2013. And now, here it is, time for another GRL! This time, I am totally going. Money is saved, registration is ready, and on March1 I will be purchasing my pass (general admission, because I can’t admit even to myself that I’m an “author”). My husband promised to get the days off to watch the kids, and I am sooo excited to go!

And freaking out a little bit, too.

First of all, I’m pretty brave. I have traveled alone and I have visited a lot of places… but that was before I had kids. I haven’t gone anywhere without someone hanging off my hip (or tit) in nine years. And thinking about not having them with me is kind of freeing and kind of frightening.  When my kids are with me, I am brave. They need me to get shit done and so I do. But without their need to push me, will I just sit in the corner the whole time? For my kids, I make a total fool of myself and I never care what anyone thinks of me, as long as my babies are happy. But without them? It’s not as easy.

Also, I’m not exactly “popular” online. I guess blurting out whatever comes into your head isn’t always the best strategy?

But I am going.

I’ve heard some people getting upset (or disappointed) about not landing an author spot. I have heard other people say they will never go to a conference. Most people seem to be looking forward to it like some kind of super fun party. So I don’t know what to expect, exactly. I read a lot of posts and looked through a lot of pictures from last year’s GRL, and it did look like a really good time. And I’m looking forward to meeting people who I only “know” online. (maybe they will like me better in person?)

I’ve never been to any kind of writer’s conference before. I’ve never admitted to anyone face-to-face that I’m really a writer, I guess. 😦 Well, that’s lame.

So I’m trying to get excited about this, and stay positive, and in that spirit I am urging everyone to go to GayRomLit2014! You know you want to go! Come on 🙂

Tell me what you think!

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