update on the promotions

Okay, as promised, here are my “kindle countdown deal” results:

I suck! But I’m very good at it 🙂

So I did the countdown deal for 4 days. (Still on until midnight tonight, actually)  I will admit, my promotion for this “sale” was weak. I posted here, and on a couple facebook groups (literally 2 groups) and that was it. So there could have been a lot more action if I had a clue about marketing. Still the results were pathetic! The best spot I held was around #30,000 sold in the kindle store. And it went down from there. Seriously. Two of my other titles, at full price (no sale, no promo), are ranked similarly.

On the up-side, I got paid for the few books I did sell.  That was one of the reasons I wanted to try the countdown deal, as opposed to doing another free promotion. When doing a countdown, you get paid at your regular royalty rate, which is kind of cool. It would have been cooler if I actually sold a lot of books, but whatevs.

The other big reason I wanted to try the countdown was for new readers, and for possible reviews. I find that there are a lot of people who download free books (I’m one of them) who just download whatever looks remotely decent and is free (yep. me.) and those people are not necessarily going to be my “ideal” readers. I mean, they might be, but it’s a long shot.

I was hoping that, even at the .99 sale price, I might find people more interested in my actual stories. People who read the sample and the blurb, who liked it enough to shell out a dollar for it. Because (my theory was) those would more likely be people who will buy my next books, who will write a review if they like it… all that good stuff. I still have hope that might happen, even though there were only a small amount of people who bought it.

Okay so also, during this same time, I had my other kdp select book on “free”. But I didn’t tell anyone. I didn’t promote it at all, not even a word. With no effort on my part, that one made it to #1108 free overall, and to #7 free in fiction>gay.  (And, I think because I have the word “superhero” in the blurb, I always make the “superhero” list with that one too, which cracks me up. This time I was #3 in science fiction>fantasy>superhero.) It might go higher, though I doubt it, before the free promo ends tonight at midnight.

So what have I learned?

    • Everyone likes free things.
    • I am terrible at promoting myself.
    • A gay vampire is a type of superhero.

I’ll probably stick to the free giveaways in future. I might not make any money, but that’s not such a big deal really. At the stage I’m at, I’m mostly interested in getting people to read me.

And because of the season (tax time), I have been made privy to what some of my more open and honest author friends have earned in the past year. So, although I have not become rich, I realize that I’ve actually done pretty well, comparatively. The truth is, hundreds (maybe thousands, if I believe everyone who bought/downloaded my books actually read them) of people read my work this year. And that makes me happy, and thankful 🙂

Tell me what you think!

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