covering up

Book covers, I mean.

Recently, there was a thread on my favorite writing website about book covers. Someone posted a cover for people to comment on, and for feedback. The responses were mixed, and it got me thinking about covers, hence this post.

How personal and subjective a thing is book cover design! And it is also such a narrow field, artistically speaking. I studied art, and I have a bit of graphic design experience (I worked as a graphic designer for 5 years). But you’d NEVER know it looking at my covers. It’s just such a difficult thing for me! I feel like book cover design is to graphic arts what Senryū is to poetry. Related, part of it, but so specific as to be completely its own.

Even though I’m a cover failure, when I am stuck in writing, I sometimes fool around with covers. I imagine a lot of people do this. But then, I imagine a lot of people are just like me and I’m often wrong so maybe I’m the only one who does it? I don’t know.

My last finished story (the one I optimistically submitted to a publisher) is my latest cover-in-progress. If by some miracle it gets accepted (LOL right) I’ll have wasted a lot of time, but whatever. Here are the two possibilities, at this point:


NVcoverflat3I’m not in love with either of them, to be honest. I like the moon. I like the guys, but I also like the owl. I have tried about 40 fonts for the title and none are right. I like the yellows, but I’m afraid it’s too “national geographic”. Did I mention I have a little problem with making decisions? I do.

Anyway, It’s giving me something to focus my attention on while I wait for the (probably-rejection) e-mail to arrive.

Any feedback welcome 🙂

2 thoughts on “covering up

  1. Well, personally I prefer the owl cover – it’s uncluttered and has impact. BUT. Is it an erotic romance? If so, the two men on the other cover are more likely to catch the eye of the passing reader who prefers the high flame count on All Romance eBooks.

    • Thanks! I kind of like the owl one, as well. But yes (as per my usual) it is an erotic-ish romance. So I am tempted to use the kissing one.
      I am really so bad at decisions 🙂

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