getting into the christmas spirit

So two close family funerals in less than two months is pretty bad. Having it happen in the already hectic and family-centric months of November/December is downright shitty.

Finally, yesterday we decided to put up our tree and try to “get into the mood” of the holidays. House decorated, I took my kids to visit some family and attend a holiday light parade in a nearby town. So we’re driving down Route 95, and we see this:


Yes. Some awesome person (maybe the real Santa!?) dressed in a Santa suit and took his motorcycle out for a spin. And just to kick it up a notch, he had Mrs. Claus in a sidecar (not fully visible in this pic, because my daughter took it from the backseat. Trust me, Mrs. Claus was there).

He made eye-contact with my kids, waved, and mouthed “Ho! Ho! Ho!” at them while driving down the interstate. Seriously.

Faith in humanity (and holiday spirit) restored.


It has begun.


Tell me what you think!

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