thanks a bunch

27 (slightly random) things for which I am thankful (in no particular order):

1. My daughter

2. And my son

3. And my husband

4. And even my family that doesn’t live with me I guess

5. People who are kind

6. Being pretty darn healthy despite my best efforts

7. Sunshine

8. Rain

9. That sunsets are colorful

10. The luxury of sleeping through sunrises

11. Snowflakes

12. Wine (and her sisters)

13. Flowers and herbs

14. Corrective lenses

15. Having been given a great education

16. Freedom

17. Living in a time and place where I can simultaneously have a heated home and on demand ice cubes 

18. Oceans, waves, and sand

19. The internet

20. Every single person who has purchased any of my stories

21. David Attenborough

22. Science

23. Yarn, paper, oil pastels, and paint

24. People who actively try to make the world a better place

25. Music

26. That 15 day grace period for late mortgage payments

27. Chocolate

Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

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