oh, nano, no. no.

I think I’m writing so badly. In trying to “do” NaNaWriMo, I’ve been writing in a different way. Fluffing, and not like in a sexy pre-performance porn actor way. In a sucky wordy way that is not the way I normally write.

I don’t know how other people write, and I kind of don’t care. In fact, I try really hard to not read posts about “plotting vs. pantsing” or “outlining strategies” or anything that might make me realize I don’t really know what I’m doing. And generally, I write a lot and I’m happy and move along smoothly in my own little private writing dream-world.

Usually, I write carefully. I try to make each paragraph as perfect as possible before moving on. I edit as I go. I don’t leave errors in unless I don’t see them. I hate writing loads of description, so usually I have to add that in later, where necessary.

My most favorite thing is when I get an edit back and the critiquer has red lined random words and phrases, where I could just delete them and the sentences still read properly, but cleaner. I cannot express how satisfying I find these deletions. “Blissful” comes to mind. If I’m having a bad week I might even use the word “orgasmic”, with no shame at all, to describe this deleting.

I tried the camp NaNoWriMo, and I liked it. I mean, I didn’t “win”, but whatever. Now I’m doing the “real” NaNo, and trying to write the quota everyday.

I usually write 1k to 2k a day, anyway, when I’m in the swing, so I thought that it should be no problem. I outlined a very loose plot so that I’d have some hope of meeting my 50k goal. I told my husband I’m doing a “big project” and that I might be extra busy (his response: blank stare). And so far, I’m hitting the goal, but at what cost, nano? At what cost???

I’m writing more description. I’m writing a lot of dialogue. I’m writing out actions I would have previously skipped over. At the same time, I’m trying to avoid being too “passive” and not “tell” and limit my adverbs (and mostly failing on all three counts).

So I might get a novel out of this. Or I might have a multi-orgasmic deletion festival on December 1 and end up with yet another novella.

2 thoughts on “oh, nano, no. no.

  1. Oh my god, NaNoWriMo so screwed up my writing for a while. I got into this habit of what I called “spinning my wheels” that was a direct result of focusing on word count. My characters stopped simply driving to someplace else: they fished their keys out of their pockets, pressed the button on the keyfob to make the lock pop up, opened their car door with a creak, dropped into the seat, put the key in the ignition, started the car up to the sound of the radio blasting, adjusted the volume, checked the mirror…. I could spend my entire word count on what should have been a simple transition. The way I finally (finally!) got around that was to set story goals. When I’d finish my writing for the day, I’d write down “Tomorrow X, Y, and Z are going to happen.” I only did it long enough to break the wheel-spinning habit (because I tend to know what comes next in my head, so as long as I’m focusing on that, I don’t need to write it down), but it helpedsomuch at the time, and I managed to do last year’s NaNoWriMo without writing tons of filler. (Which is a really good thing, because the final draft wound up being 90k ~without~ all that crap.)

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