I am a kick-ass cook (yet still a terrible photographer)

So I actually kind of roll my eyes at those people who post pictures of their dinners on instagram and facebook. It just seems so self-centered, you know? I mean, everyone eats, and unless you’re having the most epic meal of your life you really don’t need to share. Really. But I might be starting to understand, because…

Guess what? I’m having the most epic meal of my life! (Well, of my month, anyway) And I’m all alone. My husband is working. The kids are sleeping. And my lasagna just came out of the oven. So I’m sharing with you, whoever you are. Believe me, it is no ordinary lasagna.

Eggs: laid by my own chickens.

Ricotta cheese: homemade (yes it took an hour)

Pasta sheets: also homemade (and also using my ladies’ eggs)

Acorn squash: picked myself and roasted (also took like an hour)

Mozzarella cheese: bought, but locally made so therefore superior to any other mozzarella cheese (I was out of rennet or I would have gone full throttle and made that too)

Herbs: from my garden



Yes, it is delicious. And yes, I am aware of how crappy my photo is. Just trust me the real thing is a thousand times better than this picture. And no, I don’t have a recipe (I don’t work well with instructions), but if you throw together a bunch of fantastic ingredients it’s bound to come out great, just try! And then post the picture to facebook or instagram or wordpress so I can seem a little less crazy. 🙂

Tell me what you think!

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