Walking by the Bay

I have a place I walk, a beautiful path along Narragansett Bay, on a property that was once an amusement park but is now owned by the state. It is so nice, usually breezy, pretty even on a gray day, and full of memories for me.


When I was a teenager, and this was “Rocky Point Park“, I’d come here and ride the rides until I vomited, eat clam-cakes in the “shore dinner hall”, and get drunk off slushies spiked with smuggled-in popov. Good times.


Now, in a very adult turnabout, I go there to walk/jog. I have been doing the “couch to 5k” program (and failing miserably). The scenery here makes it more bearable.


There is this little cluster of houses that used to be beach/vacation homes. They are wonderfully overgrown, now. I think they would make a cool story inspiration setting.

DSC02327 DSC02323Someday, I might work up the nerve to hop the fence and explore inside here. I think that would be cool. Maybe if I ever get that fancy camera…

Tell me what you think!

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