I had so much fun last night!

I went to the “Oddball Comedy Festival” with some friends, and laughed all night. It was awesome. First of all, if you’ve never tailgated before a comedy show, you should try it. What a singular experience it was. Not at all like tailgating before a football game, it was akin to propping up chairs in a wal-mart parking lot. The crowd was thin, but very interesting.

The acts of the “oddball” tour are, as the name implies, odd. Not in and of themselves, but more an odd combination. Flight of the Conchords and Dave Chappelle were the headliners. Also appearing (for us) were: Jeff Ross, Al Madrigal, John Mulaney, Kristen Schaal, and Hannibal Buress.  So, as you might expect, the variety of spectators was striking.

I was hoping Jim Jefferies and Demetri Martin would be at our show, but they weren’t. Anyway, every performer was really funny and the crowd was happy. It’s always a little nerve-wracking to be in a very large crowd. You get the feeling that anything could happen. The show was at an outdoor arena (now called “the comcast center”, but I’m old so I still call it “great-woods”). The place holds 14000 people, I’m not sure if it was a sold out show but it looked pretty full from where I was sitting. That’s a lot of bodies.

Still, everyone was well behaved and jovial, no mob mentality that I saw. The only time I felt nervous was walking out, when we were moving in such a tight, thick crowd my friend said “I feel like Dory in that net at the end of Finding Nemo.” (We both have young kids. These are the kinds of things we use as reference points.) It did kind of feel like that, I have to admit.

What struck me most about the whole experience was just laughing along with so many other people. It was a strange sort of intimacy, of communal joy. I’ve gone to comedy shows before, but only in small clubs, never have I shared happiness with ten thousand people. It was nice.

And I got this super cool t-shirt 🙂tshirt

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