An open letter to a frightened man

What a great response to a really offensive blog post. Just awesome. I admit I am a novice writer, and maybe I sometimes “suck”. But guess what? I don’t hurt anyone. Thank you mishaburnett for this sane and salient post.


This is in response to “Why Indie Authors Still Suck” on So You Think You’re An Author by someone who calls himself “anonnymouse13”.

Now, I won’t address the obscenity, profanity, and random personal attacks liberally sprinkled through this post.  Seventh grade was a lot of years ago for me, and that stuff stopped either shocking or amusing me years ago.

Looking at the forty percent or so of the post that actually says something, he has written a rather passionate defense of traditional publishing.  Passionate, yes, reasonable, not so much.

Basically, he has one good point to make. Books require editing.  That happens to be quite true.  It is true for Indie authors and it is true for traditionally published authors.  Quite frankly, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t agree with that.  So I’ll just admit the obvious and agree with him.

Books require editing.

However, from that fact he…

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2 thoughts on “An open letter to a frightened man

  1. Ha! Frightened man indeed. Sounds like the dude is aiming for the ‘Simon Cowell’ persona. Won’t win him any friends, but his rant sure got him tons of attention.

    • I know! Anyone who starts their sentences with “So you think you can…” is suspect. I was going to write a post about it, but then I found that one that I re-blogged and it was so perfect, and so much better than anything I’d have written 🙂

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