life is better at the beach

My six year old is a total badass and he doesn’t even know it yet. All summer he rocks hot pink toenails, because “they’re beautiful”. Yeah, kid, they sure are.
Treasures displayed (as per usual) on my thigh. Just one more reason why I have odd tan-lines
The classic dribble-castle
Minnow and crab hunting!
Tidal pools and seaweed covered rocks by the break-wall
Tiniest shells ever!
Looks nice, but this is a little place I like to call “hell on earth” due to the lava-hot sand temperatures.

I love the beach!

And, as usual, I am providing some poor-quality photographic evidence.

Whoever and wherever you are, dear reader, I hope you have something just as peaceful and happy in your life.

3.20.08 084
Waves are good for hours of fun.

Tell me what you think!

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